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  1. Plinco

    Fight Club Tried To Warn You

    I thought this was interesting.
  2. Plinco

    Simps can be really funny sometimes

    This guy falls for scams as a police officer.
  3. Plinco

    What's a good strategy to max out on looks and perceived status?

    @SmoothSmooth made a good post recently about an overlooked piece of advice. Another bit of advice that I think gets overlooked is fixing one's posture. How else should one go about maxing on looks and status?
  4. Plinco

    Leonardo DiCaprio Won’t Date Women Over 25

    Leonardo DiCaprio is my hero in the dating world haha
  5. Plinco

    Pickup Ideas

    No high value woman let’s a random dude take her back home and bang her (at least not publicly). Women communicate that they are not easy when a stranger approaches them. How much of a b!tchy attitude she gives depends on how much she is either attracted or not attracted to you. To avoid...
  6. Plinco

    Sh!t Testing

    I’m writing this from experience and observations for my own sake, for clarification. Women feel more confident with you when you pass their sh!t tests. In a woman’s shoes, they have to be very selective and have a deep seated fear of making the wrong choice. That’s why they test you. Women...
  7. Plinco

    Carl Benjamin - OnlyFans Is Destroying Society

    I thought this was a good discussion
  8. Plinco

    Adapt and Overcome

    Over the years I've noticed that whenever the powers that be do their social engineering, people would rather adapt and overcome than to directly oppose. People invest in markets to adapt to perpetual central bank inflation, men learn game and up their status to adapt and overcome the results...
  9. Plinco

    Food shortages

    It's coming. Get mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared for it.
  10. Plinco

    The 4 things it takes to be an expert

    As I was watching this, it occurred to me that these concepts apply to pickup as well.
  11. Plinco

    Is it wrong for a 30+ year old man to be attracted to girls in their late teens?

    Is there something wrong with my psychology that a 30 something year old likes girls in their late teens? I don't feel or currently think there is anything wrong with my psychology but I want to see other people's input just to be completely sure. For the record, for the last five years I do...
  12. Plinco

    For the short guys

    I've noticed that a lot of people have a hunched over posture. By having a more corrected posture you can improve your looks and health. I've been good practicing posture while driving, working, sitting, etc and I've gained a 1/4 inch of height over the last month.
  13. Plinco

    People who convince me to date around my age

    What's with people trying to convince people like me to date women around my age? Some form of control? Maybe these people don't respect me enough? These people trying to sabotage me?
  14. Plinco

    My thoughts on what 'game' is

    Outer game = social skills = being a salesman and playing the role of a politician Inner game = happiness and self-respect. Happiness = contentedness and joy A person with good game is content, has joy in his life, and respects himself. He also plays the role of politician in the sense of...
  15. Plinco

    Socionics type test

    This is for fun http://www.socionics.com/sta/sta_turbo.html post your type