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  1. Chowdah

    Would This Forum be Dead without Theory Crafting?

    There’s a lot of perpetual posters sparking discussions on what their theory is and buzz feed articles. I’m curious what the content would be if we omitted those. I’d like to post content in what SS would be engaged with. Would like to hear your thoughts on topics to discuss.
  2. Chowdah

    How Do You Elicit Emotions on the First Date?

    It's been talked about a lot that the key to success with women is to draw out those feelings, but I think it is a challenge for most men out there. Especially those like myself that have been way out of the game for a long time. There were opportunities where I was at the right place and...
  3. Chowdah

    Heading to San Diego

    I have no issues with approaching women, I'm socially aware and apt. I'll admit I'm very rusty so expect your wing to be rejected. PM me if you're in the area
  4. Chowdah

    Disqualifying Women

    This is going to be a very controversial topic because everyone has a different goal when dating women. However, I think posting it in the Mature Man forum would elicit some more thought out responses. When I was younger, making sub 50k a year. I did not disqualify any woman if she was...
  5. Chowdah

    First Date Requesting Dinner after Drinks before we meet

    Maybe I'm reading into this too much, but this is my first encounter. We agreed on drinks Monday at 6 and she texts me last night asking if we can go somewhere to eat. Many posters have mentioned that there's chicks out there that want a free meal. Which is definitely true in some cases...
  6. Chowdah

    No Second Date? It's OK!

    Lately, I've been running into a string of first dates that didn't lead to anything further. I've been researching on what I can do to increase the odds of getting that second date. Granted, I've had a streak of OLD profiles that are younger than me, most don't have anything in order...
  7. Chowdah


    They got me tonight. My god she was the slowest drinker ever, I was watching the ice melt. I had to resort to making the conversation as boring as possible, something incredibly hard to do. About an hour in, she said she was going to go. Guess it worked, but what a waste of time. How do you...
  8. Chowdah


    I'm looking to take on some exciting new things and I'm sure many of you have thought of adding more color to your life. I'll start with mine -Offshore fishing -Mountain biking -Aquaponics -Aquariums I have tried golf, but it just wasn't for me, I might need to learn more patience. I started...
  9. Chowdah

    Read Receipts

    @stringpuller - I wanted to include you in this thread I think read receipt is a powerful weapon. How to utilize it properly, I’m not too sure yet Date I had today turned it on. Date I had on Saturday suddenly turned it on after I went silent and asked a follow up question. This could be one...
  10. Chowdah

    How often do you get Second Dates?

    About half my first dates have led to further meetings. I'm curious what you are experiencing and if I need to tweak my first date conversations to improve my chances of the second. A benchmark if you will
  11. Chowdah

    Does Displaying High SMV Hurt your Chances?

    I normally take my first dates out to a nice bar where I know the staff. They often greet me by name when I enter with the girl. That might have the girl pause and think - wait, how many other chicks has been brought to this place. Now I always tell them during the date that this is where I...
  12. Chowdah

    Using your Clown Friends to Differentiate

    I'll preface that I appreciate my 2 friends a lot, they are extremely awesome dudes. The thing they are lacking is leadership skills, they can never be promoted into a manager role, ever. We pregame at my venue where I take most of my first dates. The hostess told me there would be a 1 hour...
  13. Chowdah

    Phone Call before First Date?

    This might be controversial, but I'm willing to experiment. Of the first dates that led to subsequent ones, most have been me calling the day before to confirm. We would chit chat for 15-20 minutes. My thought is that it would build rapport and ease some tension before meeting someone for the...
  14. Chowdah

    Acts of Kindness

    As we were boarding the plane, I was standing behind a cute asian chick. She was having trouble finding an overhead bin in front of her so I grabbed her rather heavy bag and put it in an empty one behind me. I grab my seat next to a rather young girl and during the flight I was hesitant to...
  15. Chowdah

    Cosplay Apparel

    Curious if any of you do this with your partners to help direct where you get your outfits. I guess searching for costumes from Amazon works, but hope there might be better ways.
  16. Chowdah

    Scent of a Woman

    I noticed on dates that turned out well always had some sort of smell given off. At first it seems like a locker room smell so I'm like is this a dude? But the more that I've had experience with interested women, this scent was always prevalent in those that are ready to bang. @catsmeow...
  17. Chowdah

    Hinge Report

    Profile 5'8" (5'6" =P) 30 y/o (34) SE Asian Engineering LTR, open to short Profile pics include me as the best man with groom and a bizarre Japanese dish Voice prompt with a Dad Joke 5 matches so far since last Saturday. 2 numbers. High potential for a third today Tried boosting...
  18. Chowdah

    Are you Emotionally Unavailable?

    I was talking to my friend’s female cousins and I brought up I was recently single on dating apps. They said I was emotionally unavailable, but I’m ready to move on and start my search for the next relationship. This is the first time I heard about this term and it’s very similar to being...
  19. Chowdah

    FwB with an Ex?

    Has anyone had experience with keeping an ex around as a plate with no intention of a relationship? I ended my relationship with her a few weeks ago and it’s been a little difficult setting up dates lately. Her and I ended on very amicable terms and the reason why I moved on was because she did...
  20. Chowdah

    Observation from a Married Woman

    I was on the Amtrak and there was an incident with no ETA of moving again. A 45 y/o woman and I start chatting. Decent looking and shape for her age. We decide to hop in an Uber together and try to outskirt the incident area and take an upcoming train. It was cancelled so we both took an Uber...