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    What it means when a girl says "I'm busy"

    Yup. A woman who truly likes you will make the time to see you.
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    Would you text or wait her to text again after canceling a meeting?

    “K, good luck” Then completely forget about her.
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    How To Deal With This Matter Of Disrespect?

    Sounds like my ex wife lol
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    How deal with alpha widow?

    Your insecurity will drive her away and your fears will become self fulfilling. You must think of all the reasons why she’s lucky to have you.
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    When wifey comes up with the excuse of "I'm not your hooker", should the husband say, "OK, then I'll go get a hooker"?

    Yup. Single fathers are treated like criminals. And guess how many consequences there are for women who arbitrarily withhold access to the children from the father?
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    How many introverts are here?

    Yup. I’m quite introverted and quite likely come across as somewhat cold on first dates especially. Women usually aren’t sure if I’m interested in them—works wonders.
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    Are children worth it? Do you regret having kids??

    I am a divorced father of two young ones, fighting a narcissist ex in court and can say that’s pretty much how it works. The hierarchy goes something like this: State>mother>child>father. A judge at one of my appearances actually said that children often know what’s best for them better than...
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    How to make a girl who doesn't like bjs blow me

    How was it? Enthusiastic or grudging?
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    Was this a **** test and is it recoverable?

    Who cares? It’s just one broad. There’s millions more. I find where so many of us go wrong, is we try to figure out what’s going on in a woman’s head, and make it “right”. Men are problem solvers by nature, but unfortunately this usually makes thing worse. Indifference is the key.
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    Is it ever appropriate to confront girls on flaky behavior?

    Exactly. While I understand why guys are double/triple booking, I wouldn’t do it personally. To me, a man is supposed to be true to his word. Reliability and decisiveness are very masculine traits. After making a date plan, I’ll do everything in my power to keep it. Now, if she flakes...
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    What Are Some Signs Of A Time Waster

    Very well said
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    OLD - Agreed Upon Meetup, After Some Drag Time

    Dude, on April 1st you said you’d not contact her again. You’re torturing yourself by doing this, and look utterly pathetic. Your neediness and sexual frustration is palpable, and will send any woman running for the hills. You say you won’t plead or chase but that’s precisely what you’re...
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    Should I keep pursuing or cut her off?

    Yup. Been there done that. Baffling female attention wh*ring.
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    How do you make a girl fall in love with you?

    April fools has come and gone :rofl:
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    How do you make a girl fall in love with you?

    Yup. Those types of articles are only useful as entertainment value, nothing more. Much of the behaviour women claim to want from a man is actually apt to get him blown off .
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    How do you make a girl fall in love with you?

    Or that you could leave at any minute
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    A friendly reminder: Just walk away

    You make a good point— there really is no right answer here. By asking her out straight up, then ignoring her after non-compliance, he’s communicating to her not to waste his time. Comply or bye. Next.
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    A friendly reminder: Just walk away

    Whatever, bud
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    A friendly reminder: Just walk away

    Too eager maybe—but the whole point is he really doesn’t give a f*ck what happened. I’m in a similar situation with a broad…she’d reach out every few months with breadcrumbs, then disappear. Last time she did it, I completely ignored her. If she wants to come over and suck my c*ck, I *might*...