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    Biggest age difference you have attracted and bedded repeatedly?

    I am 37 nearly 38 and I am pulling in the mid 20s and have gone as low as 19, but that was when I was 33.
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    San Antonio/Austin

    LMFAO haha this has me rolling hahahaha
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    I started seeing this girl... disappointed

    This is a you thing to me. If you are seeking an ltr then yeah, be a bit choosy. In general though having a good connection with someone and having other more important things align I would say, would take precedence over her wearing a girdle. In addition, if you are just playing the game then...
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    Fact or Bullshvt: Girls make certain guys wear condoms?

    Defineatly seen this and agree, that it's good if a girl atleast requests you to wear one. Although, I have found if you are sufficient value, they don't care. In addition, even if you wear one at first they typically don't care after. This is my experience though.
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    San Antonio/Austin

    Yeah, the Dirty 6th is still going strong haha Although it's evolved a bit. There is quite a few other districts to check out which is nice and there is still quite a bit of talent out here for sure. Haven't seen a lot of women hitting on guys though. There is still time to see it though haha
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    San Antonio/Austin

    I am down. I live in Austin, but know SA is a great place for women. Way better than Austin in my opinion. I need to work on my in person approach skills. DM me.
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    The myth of the alpha male...backed up by studies

    hahahaha I was going to write something to this fact. Love someone beat me to it. Women can't give a straight answer in regard to what they want for dinner let alone men! What makes anyone think they are going to get a straight answer with women! I would add though being as some guys are having...
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    Boundaries, male friends, and reality

    Have to say, there is a lot of contradictory discussion here. If you think about the fundamentals of women and how they operate it's simple. They truly act like children. When you have this as a foundational premise this all becomes very simple. To properly engage a child, discipline and...
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    Older Women

    There are a few things to consider here. Mind you I skim read the posts so not sure if other guys are going to say the same thing. 1. Divorced and 10 years older. She is looking for a quick lay. 2. Older women are often more aggressive and straight forward. Although they still attempt to...
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    The 100 Approach Challenge

    Hey man, I think your plan is a great idea. You might want to split your approaches between afternoon and nights so you get a mix of day and night game. Plus it will be a little less mechanical if you do this. My other suggestion would be to focus on only one or two key points you are trying to...
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    She reaches back out and then flakes

    Reading the comments above I agree with the guys here. She isn't really worth the brain space on this one. That being said, I am lent to believe a large portion of this is because the beginning of the relationship didn't display to her that she can't treat you in this manner. Women are flaky...
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    Confused she 'friendzones' me but comes to my house - enlighten me

    Play the game my friend. Since she flaked once, sounds like it's likely to happen again. Don't pay too much attention to this. If it works out great and if not oh well. Moving forward though, I would maintain a strong frame and say something that puts the pressure on her for flaking, like "You...
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    Am i simping or what?

    Hey, I am 37 now as well and know what it's like when you land something fresh. What I say is you need to not let this get to your head. You are 20 years her senior. Unless you are Leonardo DiCaprio level what do you think are the long term results here. You are thinking long term with your...
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    How to date multiple women?

    I agree with what you said about getting your life straight. Someone else below said something to this affect as well. Your success in dating and women hinges on your personal stability and frame. If these components are causing you strife that comes out when you are on a date, unless you are...
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    How to date multiple women?

    Reading your comment I believe this is taken out of context a bit. There is a distinct difference between lying and not being forthright on a topic. I am not suggesting someone lie. In fact I encourage people to do the exact opposite. When it comes to spinning plates to provide congruency a...
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    Critique my texting (cold approach)

    Have to respectfully disagree. Knowing what you are doing in the beginning can either land you that date or not.
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    Having trouble getting over this girls and it's affecting me.

    Ok guys, I have read all of the posts and there is some tid bits of good advice, but not a lot here honestly. String puller though put in a solid post. I start with understanding the situation first for myself. Framing it properly in your mind is very important. The first part of this I...
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    Critique my texting (cold approach)

    If I were in your shoes, reading all of these responses, I would end up being confused honestly. Conversation, whether in text or in person is a flow. There does tend to be a different flow with texting than in person so some general rules apply, but these rules can and should be broken from...
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    How to date multiple women?

    This is all kind of funny to me. Firstly, I don't ever directly convey I am dating more than one woman ever. They can assume your value for themselves. There are never any extra points awarded for being forthright here. So the first issue is passed by not being forthright. If they ask then some...
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    global trade grinding to a halt at a rate not seen since 2008.

    Stocks won't be cheap until the Fed starts raising interest rates. In this case, will most likely trigger a large crash. Global trade and supply chains are struggling ever since COVID and have yet to come close to keeping pace. In addition here in the US we see this as increased inflation which...