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    Matched on dating app with woman who says she is moving to my city

    How to proceed? She said she is probably moving to my city but not for another few months. We did a phone call and it was fun with flirtation and banter. She said she will be visiting soon to look at apartments but didn't have a plan yet. I called her a week later and she picked up and said let...
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    What kind of behaviors/tendencies would you expect if dating this kind of woman?

    - no father growing up due to divorce - born in India but moved to US at age 3 - highly successful doctor - 36 years old - previous bf led her on and got her to move to another state in hopes of engagement but then dumped her after a 3 year relationship - previous bf before that cheated on her...
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    I've come to the conclusion there must be at least 1 sexual innuendo in date 1

    Do you agree? It establishes the connection in the woman's brain of you and sex. The innuendo should be done carefully and subtly with plausible deniability but there must be one sexual innuendo as early as possible to get her kind of excited and start to fantasize. Some might get offended but...
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    Do you ever drop hints on a date to a woman that you have plenty of other options?

    It seems good to indirectly let a woman know on a date that you go on many dates all the time, have many options, and that she is not the only one? How do you say it? It seems to to make the woman more interested for some reason.
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    What are some examples of successful DHV stories that you have used in the field?

    And by DHV, I mean displaying high value for those who don't know the acronym. Just curious to know what kind of topic and specific high value that you look to emphasize in your date that women are excited by. I have found that different women are attracted to different things. Some get very...
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    Is this teasing or just being an ass/jerk?

    This woman I've been dating put up a picture on social media. I kind of assumed she wanted some attention (don't most women on social media?) and she did look pretty in the picture. However, I told her that "I have never noticed how enormously big her ears were until I saw this picture. Are you...
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    Does this really work to seduce a woman?

    It is said that the way you look at the woman can seduce her becasuse body language is the vast majority of communication. One key is the guy should, while talking to her, should look her in the eyes directly, but allow his eyes to glance down at her lips for a 2-3 seconds, and then go back up...
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    Is this good flirtation?

    Women sends me a GIF of a woman drinking straight from the bottle because its only Wednesday morning and the weekend is not here yet. I respond with "I thought we agreed that you would stop drinking for breakfast. Now you are swigging straight from the bottle?" Any better more funny more...
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    some conversations and texts and getting things sexual

    After an 8 year relationship, I have struggled to get things sexual. This used to be easy but now its super hard. I remember one time I was talking to a woman about the dishwasher and the convo led to how she loves having the dish loaded very hard with foam all over the place. Fast forward to...
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    Skillfully turning a boring convo with a woman towards a sexual direction

    So let's say you are on a date with a beautiful woman but she keeps bringing up boring topics like work, family and school. Then, there is a pause in the conversation and she prompts you with a general question like "what about you, what's important to you?" You have an opportunity to seize the...
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    How to bang an acquaintance from college that I reconnected with on instgram?

    I am just getting back into the game after a very long relationship so you will see how weak my skills are in the conversation I had with this woman below. I recently connected with a very hot chick from college that I had only met a couple times and we followed each other on Instagram. What do...
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    Need Advice: How would you handle these date situations and make them more sexual?

    I NEED advice guys! I'm currently having a MAJOR problem where I keep turning dates into platonic friend-vibe dates. I went on a date recently with a woman and I think I did it again. Below is some of our convo through the night - what could I have done better? Can you tell me how you would have...
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    How to turn this interaction from an interested woman into a more sexual direction?

    So I'm still getting back up to speed after a 10 year relationship so my game is not yet back to where it needs to be. I just met this woman and she immediately added me on instagram and I think she's interested. She always comments on my pictures and we have been texting about figure out plans...
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    Disasterous date sequence - post-mortem analysis for next time?

    Just to be clear, the goal of this post is to learn from past mistakes and not about one-itis. About a year ago, I had a disasterous dating sequence with a woman. I had just got out of a 10 year relationship and had no clue what I was doing. We went on 3 dates (dinner, min-golf, ice-cream) and...
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    Any particularly good cologne that you have found women especially love?

    Even better if its cheap and on Amazon!
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    Is it good to sometimes use the word "friendship" to confuse a woman and throw her off?

    I've heard this can work. All of the interaction is still obviously clear to make it sexual but saying things like "i love our freindship" to confuse her and make her wonder why he is using the word "friends" - its kind of like reverse friend zoning?
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    Is this a situation that can be fixed or just simply a permanent fail?

    So, I know the advice here will be to just forget this girl and that is fine and I will be doing that but I'm just wondering if it is even possible to resuscitate this and, if so, how would you do it? A lot of guys on here have tremendous game so just curious what they would do. I met this...
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    Sexual teasing with plausible deniability is the KEY TO EVERYTHING and EXAMPLES

    One of the key things I have learned from this forum is that sexual teasing with plausible deniability if an absolutely HUGE seduction technique. It really does work. Below is one from my recent experiences but I would love for others to comment in this thread with examples that have worked very...
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    What's a good job to meet hot women all over the world?

    Or alternately if you were to take a year off from work, what would you do to meet hot women all over the world (and i don't mean just go travel the world and go to different bars).