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    Dating Coworkers: Win A Stupid Prize!

    I was just watching the news conference, and they kept saying they wanted to "respect his privacy". I'm not sure what the official 'team rules' were around relationships, but if he broke them, then he should suffer the consequences. He know what he was doing. If the staffer was indeed...
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    Disqualifying Women

    Exactly my experience.
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    status trumps masculinity

    Quality over quantity :up:
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    Individual Stocks, ETFS?

    I used Scottrade years ago and have been using Schwab for a couple years. No problems with ETF or individual stock trades.
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    Rejection; what all guys could learn from sales

    At my local mall, some of the kiosks are staffed by middle eastern guys/girls selling cosmetics who try to 'pick me up' by jumping in front of me with the line "Can I ask you a question?" I tell them they just did ;).
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    (game dorks edition) amused mastery vs fake alpha aloofness.

    This is usually my MO. When I go out (bars, etc.), I may make extended eye contact and smile (and sometimes 'eye ****' her from across the bar) and wait to see if she gives any IOI, and then go from there.
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    Geeks get taller

    I am thinking of the tech-nouveau-riche who have more money than sense.
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    Geeks get taller

    Many 'geeks' like to jump on whatever latest-and-greatest trend/gadget bandwagon is going on at the moment without thinking about what their actual end-goal is. Seems like it's more about owning the gadget and being part of the crowd than it is about how it improves the efficiency and...
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    I have a sizable investment portfolio, mostly ETFs, grown over the past 20 years. I don't watch charts all day, but I do check my portfolio at EOD and keep up with major economic news. You should think of investing for the long haul, gradually growing your wealth over time (i.e. over 5 to 10...
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    How many jobs have you had in the last two years?

    2. Moved on to higher salary and better boss. :) Over the last 10 years, I've had 4 jobs - moved on for same reasons.
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    Using woman as live-in transition

    Summary of my situation: Recently divorced 50-year old with the body and spirit of a 35 year old. Ex-wife of 20 years became a liberal, asexual man-hater (especially when Trump won in 2017). Did OLD for a few months and found a recently-divorced woman I could connect with (similar interests...
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    Men's protective instinct

    But.......if your wife (or girlfriend) is mouthing off to someone, and then running and hiding behind you (or their fellow protesters) for protection.....women sometimes need to suffer the consequences of their actions. Karens need to fail....
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    I’m blowing my money.

    I have no friends ;), and while offshoring assets to hide them from a spouse looks clever in the movies, it's not worth the risk nowadays (forensic accountants make a good living).
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    Men's protective instinct

    ^^^This^^^There's nothing wrong with caring about and wanting to protect women who are truly 'vulnerable' - nothing 'White Knight' about that - just don't marry them (as they could be the wolf in sheep's clothing...you never know). It's when women arrogantly 'expect' that you put them on a...
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    I’m blowing my money.

    I got into the habit of putting a little away each paycheck to accumulate some kind of savings for the future - my wife has no clue about frugality or saving money. Since I filed for divorce from my wife back in April, I've gradually 'blown' that savings account on myself (e.g., vacations...
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    The end of the world is nigh….

    I wonder if Playgirl was still around and they put a lesbian on the cover, would it get the same kind of attention? Of course, I used to read Playboy for the 'articles'. ;).
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    Meanwhile in Florida...

    And, there are also the 'snow birds' who spend winter in Florida and summer 'up north'......and lose their Social Security check to Las Vegas and complain (with AARP's help) that the government doesn't give them enough to live on ;).
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    ‘James Bond’ Producer Says Not to Expect a Female 007

    Yes. If we can have female Ghostbusters and female Men in Black, then I suppose anything is possible.........Hollywood's gotta keep it PC, ya know.
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    Ive spent a lot of time in coffee shops this last fortnight......

    This is true at the B&N near where I live, which happens to also have Starbucks 'Cafe' inside it. Most of the women in there are either middle/late-aged chunky Karen-types, or young, colored-hair, nose-pierced, metoo feminists. But....If they're freaky in the bedroom, then maybe worth a try.....
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    Meanwhile in Florida...

    Florida is also ranked #2 is population (%) of old people (65+).