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  1. reality250

    How can you focus on improving your game if you work 10 hours / day and have an LTR?

    HI folks, Like the title says, I am wondering how you guys take time to improve your social skills even you have a girlfriend since the game is on. For long term dedicated gamers here, I think it's huge to still go out and work on your social gatherings and working on your game. This year...
  2. reality250

    How can I be more physical from the beginning ?

    The last dates and instant dates I could not kiss neither I could hug her or put my arm on her shoulder. I was raised up very Islamic and I guess I have the belief systems about sex. But even the kiss close even I get the signs I cant just do this. And what are Anime Eyes? Does that mean...
  3. reality250

    Should I ever tell her about my kid and my Open Releationship?

    Hey guys, I will meet a 22-year-old one and I thought before we meet each other and I start building deep comfort (telling about myselft etc) should I be completely authentic and tell her about my life partner or not? What were your experiences?
  4. reality250

    You cannot negotiate Desire. I told her, whatever her response to my desire was, I do what I have to do.

    Dear folks, I love the energy and the helpfulness in this forum :) Very quick information about my marriage: Duration: 10 years, one kid. My wife is considered as my LIFEPARTNER, because we have good chemistry also have sex every day. The reason why we are still married is my son and the...
  5. reality250

    My way Austria (Vienna) to be a superior man..

    Briefly about me: am 32 (Kurdish descent and hardcase) and have a child. Game since 2019, since summer 2022 really on. For about a month I was out with a few WIngs from a Vienna WhatsApp group (Maverick) with a few... the experience showed me, however, that it is better to go out alone. To be...
  6. reality250

    Will RSD Juliens Transformational Mastery Releases help me to let go ?

    Should I let go my insecurity, because today i walked with a set I opened to Mc Donalds and then back to the metro station and I only got her IG and hugged her. I want to do more.. it's very very hard for me... I think I will let go the feeling of insecure and my anxiety.. also i will move...
  7. reality250

    Open relationship since we have a kid together, but should I tell this to others?

    Hi there, I really have a kid who will turn 7 very soon, and my partner, who will turn 39 very soon, agreed for me to game and build up my social skills. But we agreed I also have sex with her, and will spend 70% with her & my kid. She also does not want me to pull at home when she is there...
  8. reality250

    What to post on IG for being the king ?

    Hello folks, i 2018-2020 I heard how important Instagram nowadays is, I always do IG Close instead of Numberclose. Btw this is my profile: instagram.com/tandigital/ I am posting all about my daily life, and would appreciate every feedback to get more people looking at my stories since this is...
  9. reality250


    1. my age 32 2. age of the woman 32 3. number of dates that have already taken place : 4, with 4 different HB's 4. stage of seduction get to know phase 5. description of the problem: I met her last week at the weekend, short small talk that she is looking for a drug, it was a techno night in...
  10. reality250

    why my verbal game sucks and what to do about it?

    today i was talking to a beauty, she were picking up her kids and they will get their testimony. As we talked since 30 mins i asked her, 'are you kind of mother's who will film their kids with their testimony when they have their last day in the school'? She said no, absolutely not. She said...
  11. reality250

    I keep not getting Girls to their places whenever I pull, my place is not an option. This has happened at least 10 times already! What am I doing wron

    Hello dear folks, my live preview: like many of you guys, I was unsecure, got abused from parents with low self esteem behaviour and should get out from my despression. I started working on my depression and also gamed my cousin from turkey (a country in middle east) With 23 I got a job and...