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  1. FlexpertHamilton

    Going on a trip to Spain

    Is it though? Why can't two short term lovers enjoy a trip in a foreign city? I already told her we cannot be a couple anyways, before the trip, since we're 1000 mi away.
  2. FlexpertHamilton

    Worse legal case you ever had?

    I was arrested for B&E and destruction of property and many other associated charges in high school, luckily I was 17 so I did not get tried as an adult, ended up being two misdemeanors. I was also charged with careless driving when I was a 18, was almost charged with reckless driving which is a...
  3. FlexpertHamilton

    Going on a trip to Spain

    One other thing, she was on birth control - from what I know most BC pills trick a woman's body into thinking she's pregant which in turn makes he desire the "beta provider" types (look it up, there are even studies on this). I think once she found out I wouldn't fit in that role, she was...
  4. FlexpertHamilton

    Going on a trip to Spain

    Yeah, and she actually paid for more than 50% of the trip so I saved money. She tarnished the memory, though, and I can't really reminisce about it without feeling bitter. Then again, I liked the city far more than her anyway, so there's no reason I can't go again sometime.
  5. FlexpertHamilton

    Going on a trip to Spain

    We live in different countries, I thought it would be a no-strings-attached fun trip, why would she even bother trying to play any leverage/frame games like that, especially on the 2nd to last night? She had talked about going on other trips, visiting me, etc so clearly she would have wanted...
  6. FlexpertHamilton

    I can attract women easily but cannot keep them around long term

    You can message me if you want pics. Almost every girl I've been with in the past year was a 6-8, the most recent was probably a 9 depending who you ask.
  7. FlexpertHamilton

    I can attract women easily but cannot keep them around long term

    Don't like disclosing personal info, but I am in fact in a good place in my life, for better or worse. Probably the bolded. So many complain I'm too "closed off/indifferent" but they're probably complaining about the very thing that attracted them to me in the first place, so idk why I listen...
  8. FlexpertHamilton

    Anyone Mewing?

    It seems unnatural to me. I do try to rest my tongue on the roof of my mouth but the way I've seen it described it seems like you have to force your tongue back more and basically clench your teeth together. You should definitely never breath through your mouth though. And try eating more...
  9. FlexpertHamilton

    I can attract women easily but cannot keep them around long term

    Recently I've realized attracting women and maintaining their interest/respect long term are not complementary, but in fact can work against each other. For instance, the more game you learn, the more it can push them away because they're so jaded from all the "fvckboys" they cannot control, and...
  10. FlexpertHamilton

    "Coming on too strong" test

    Who cares. Don't listen to what women tell you, only observe their actions.
  11. FlexpertHamilton

    Why the Gym will make you more of an Incel than a player

    Same goes for motorcycles and most sports cars, often you'll just attract attention from heterosexual men. Your internal mindstate is most important. Many guys alsoo use the gym as a a crutch to build confidence. That's not to say you shouldn't go but your focus should be on improving physical...
  12. FlexpertHamilton

    What it means when a girl says "I'm busy"

    And OP never specified which one he was talking about. I never expect them to have super high IL before 1st date, but if they're "too busy" to see me weeks or months into it, I consider it over.
  13. FlexpertHamilton

    What it means when a girl says "I'm busy"

    If they're out of town that's one thing, but that's rarely the case. Women with high IL will make time for you no matter how busy they are.
  14. FlexpertHamilton

    Sleeping over?

    I sleep much better sleeping alone. There are studies that show married couples who sleep in seperate beds get far better sleep. Biggest issue for me is the fact that I like it around 64F which is too cold for 100% of women. They also want to cuddle which also warms me up way too much to...
  15. FlexpertHamilton

    Sleeping over?

    I have never quite separated sleepovers from commitment, but I don't tend to do them early on, at least the first few weeks or month or so. Personally I don't like them, but literally 100% of women get indignant about sleepovers after a certain point.
  16. FlexpertHamilton

    How do beta guys enter a relationship?

    Just because a beta male is with a women in a relationship doesn't mean it's a good relationship. She most likely does not respect him, walks all over him, and cheats or at least has a ton of backup options at the ready. A lot of women like the security and validation a beta provides them even...
  17. FlexpertHamilton

    Going on a trip to Spain

    Trip went really well for the first several days, then she turned into a complete bvtch near the end of the trip. For some context - she had crazy high sex drive and even said how important it was to her. She initiated sex every time and we had been fvcking raw and I was nutting inside her from...
  18. FlexpertHamilton

    Going on a trip to Spain

    My Spanish is pretty basic - how many people there speak English in your experience? Especially at business establishments. Our hotel is $600 for 5 nights and in a great location.
  19. FlexpertHamilton

    Which way to gain sexual experience?

    You don't get better at sex with ONS' or hookers... You get better at sex with LTRs or FWBs where you can practice, hone your skills, try new things, and get a consistent, reliably source of pvssy. I would advise finding a nice, plain-looking girl who will love you and go to town on her...
  20. FlexpertHamilton

    Going on a trip to Spain

    And before anyone asks, no I did not pay for her plane tix, and she's offered to pay her share of the hotel and has already bought tickets to shows and other things, so I'm not simping. Yeah p much. Kind of a big deal for me, I've never even been to Europe.