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    Are you Dating someone Else ? ? ?

    I'm seeing 2 chicks right now...one is a HB-8 and the other HB-7. I've been hangin with one of them a little more than the other...as HB-8 is a stewardess and travels quite a bit....sometimes difficult to get with her. Anyway, the Stewardess asked me this question: "are you dating anyone else?"...
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    How Many Times ? ? ?

    When working Day Game...i've noticed (from my experience and others on the board) that getting a Phone Number us done within 5 mins. If you and the Target are both working...then 5 mins is all you get.... Basically, you just met some chick...and she's interested enough to give you her phone...
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    ....Eye Opener....wow!

    Check out this article...i believe it to be true. How did this happen? http://www.sphere.com/2009/11/06/women-are-overtaking-men-in-the-u-s/?hpid=topnews
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    How many times should you invite a Girl Out? I've heard from some that Once is enough...if you don't get a counter offer...then drop it. :whistle: However, i've been reading some of Gunwitch material and he says "keeping knocking until she says no." IN other words, his philosophy is keep...
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    Not sure how to handle complimenting a women these days. I hear advice to Neg Hit the Hotties...and compliment the average girls (7's and lower). 1. If i compliment a chick, will she think less of me? 2. Do i become a chump because i pay her a compliment? 3. What type of compliment's...