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  1. Giovanni SouthSide

    Worse legal case you ever had?

    felonies that were eventually expunged by a junkyard dog of a lawyer of mine. Raised in southern california 3 freeway exits away from the Mexican border was always a galore to engage in very lucrative illegal activities when I used to move in those certain circles. Now I'm on the straight and...
  2. Giovanni SouthSide

    When was the last time that you

    Roughly two months ago I dropped a 32 year old female like a bad habit in an aggressive way through text. She try to bust some disrespectful sh!t but I capped it real quick. Told her " your aunt has the wrong impression about you, you aint a good family girl you a h0e .fvck off and delete my #"...
  3. Giovanni SouthSide

    How do beta guys enter a relationship?

    Absolutely. It just doesn't feel natural for us woken men to act like a weak simp and why would I do all that sh!t for the leftovers of another bad boy/s. Hell nah
  4. Giovanni SouthSide

    Should I just ignore her?

    If a girl wants to go out with you, she will manipulate the moon and stars to make it happen regardless if she is in a relationship or not. Let her approach you and you do less of the talking. Just be a smooth operator. Be a damn mystery to her But real sh!t brotha, taken girls willing to put...
  5. Giovanni SouthSide

    How did I handle this - don't know if I should give her up or go forward

    My man if you a hustler around the clock, workout ,kneel down to pray, in touch with your masculinity which i assume you are, you aint got time for this petty sh!t. what would the young boss of the gambinos pull in this situation Females that are detrimental to your well being should get...
  6. Giovanni SouthSide

    girl gave her number too quick

    So what ended up going down yesterday?
  7. Giovanni SouthSide

    Talking about ex on first date

    Females who constantly bring up an ex or any dude in general in your presence are no good. Especially in the beginning. That just means that she is looking for the rebound and then she will drop you like a bad habit. Because that is what hves do. Just have fun with her and when she leaves ,you...
  8. Giovanni SouthSide

    Talking about ex on first date

    she would be demoted to plate material non-negotiable on sight. Whenever a woman starts yapping away about an ex cvck she used to bang in her recent past, I bust out my phone and make a quick business call in spanish. After 2 minutes I hang up and change the subject. Women who casually bring up...
  9. Giovanni SouthSide

    girl gave her number too quick

    I got my pad here in TJ since 2014. Been living here ever since. I first went to HK when I was 16. Im 31 now my boy. I was seeing two girls from there back in the day. Im just an old dawg that chewed and ate that bone already you know what I mean. That place lost it's essence for me. But if any...
  10. Giovanni SouthSide

    girl gave her number too quick

    Tread lightly with a cold head. Dont expect sh!t. Don't contact her until that Sunday one hour before you are supposed to meet her. Let her confirm the meet up. If she dont reach out at all that Sunday to confirm it, text her @ 6pm. Just throw a wrench at the situation to see where the wind...
  11. Giovanni SouthSide

    girl gave her number too quick

    "in my experience the easier the girl comes, the easier she leaves. the harder she comes, the harder she leaves. that's why I like to see a little resistance because that lets me know she is serious" my man you just dropped some pearls of game wisdom. Either she is a washed up hve that just...
  12. Giovanni SouthSide

    girl gave her number too quick

    I live in northern pacific westcoast Mexico. Females use whatsapp like their life depended on it. Even chicks in the rural areas not only the city chicks. The voice message feature gets your voice familiar with them. These females can either be LTR material or baddies that just want to have fun...
  13. Giovanni SouthSide

    Read Receipts

    you onto something here. From my experience as well, females with read receipts on their iphone are the no good ones with the most red flags. Attention wh*res Don't get me started on them wearing iwatches. The most ocean wave calm relationships I have had were when chicks had an old android and...
  14. Giovanni SouthSide

    Break up - Calling in the troops

    Drop her like a bad habit, brother. Keep moving and dont look back like if your neck was broken Your peace of mind is at stake here. Too many red flags this female including the mostly guy friends (she has no problem engaging in flirting with other men and getting their attention), thats a big...
  15. Giovanni SouthSide

    Thoughts on Women Who Own Homes

    co sign. The more education and degrees a woman has the lesser of a boner I get. Most of these types indeed act like their sh!t dont stink. They will challenge you all the time and have feminist traits. I'd rather take the cute azz cashier working a minimum wage job at the local store who is...
  16. Giovanni SouthSide

    OK WHEN DOES a Woman DESERVE a Dinner Date?

    After she has swallowed my cvm, gave me that azz atleast 3 times and she has been obedient with no bullsh!t then I will take her to a nice restaurant where I know the waiters. I really have to like the girl on some chemistry sh!t though to even contemplate taking her to some upscale restaurant...
  17. Giovanni SouthSide

    How to get a girl in your apartment building

    I wouldn't talk to her on a personal level. If she is gonna be fair game on some neighbor sh!t let her gravitate more to you. Instead bring a hot azz chick over so she can see that. . If you do bump heads with her in the hall again just a cordial nod with a "hey" lookin her in the eyes type of...
  18. Giovanni SouthSide

    How to command presence if youre young?

    workout till you sweat tears of blood. box atleast twice a week. Stand up straight and always keep solid eye contact. Speak up and stand your ground. Keep your head on a swivel. Someone mentioned a clean cut. Hit up the barber shop. Get a fade on the sides and slick your hair back. Grow some...
  19. Giovanni SouthSide

    Where are some good cities to live in the USA for single guys?

    Honestly I been seeing a handful of good looking females as of lately like at walmart , costco , whole foods etc when I do my food shopping here in Chula Vista SD. Most of em are with their dudes though. I don't understand how these lame looking fools be nabbing these females. Even at the gym I...
  20. Giovanni SouthSide

    Where are some good cities to live in the USA for single guys?

    San Diego, Cali. You got Tijuana, Mexico 30 min away. The majority of chicks down here havent been americanized just yet. Fine azz girls too. I live in Tijuana for reference.