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  1. greatsnake

    interesting opinion coming from a movie actor.

    I do agree with him. It was time for someone to speak out! Opinions are welcome. https://apple.news/AzBVF78XDTYuKO6g1O-R-Ow
  2. greatsnake


    I find that a lot guys think too much into what women say and do. Don't take the game too seriously or else you'll find yourself going down the rabbit hole. Train yourself not to care, do what you want, not what they want from you.
  3. greatsnake

    rebound relationship

    How's it going you guys? Been a while since I've checked in as everything has been great when it comes to women these past few years. However, I met this chick: smart, hard worker and has the looks. I asked her out for drinks and we ended up at the beach that same night. Every was cool until...
  4. greatsnake


    Give me some reasons as to why I should stop wanting to have z3x with my coworker. Every time we talk at work it’s non-stop sexual innuendos and she’s married.
  5. greatsnake

    white knights

    As I get older, I've realized that white knights/bluepills lack the spine, really don't know themselves and play by the book. They take society as it's given to them and in the process they get screwed. It sucks big time, but the sooner these folks realize that you can have your opinion, say NO...
  6. greatsnake

    intimidating presence

    A couple of women have expressed that I have a presence that intimidates them. I've thought that they find me attractive but since they're a little shy, they think that I'm unapproachable. Why do you guys think that is?
  7. greatsnake


    I’ve been a part of this company for 5 years and there are a couple female coworkers that I’ve known for a while. I asked one of them on a date several years back, but she told me no because she was engaged at the time. Four years later, she is now single and has been teasing for the past couple...
  8. greatsnake

    Victim mentality

    it's disturbing to see that men seem to be taking the victim "poor me" mentality now more than before. What has seemed to be forgotten is that men and women were made to pair bond. Cancel out society's noise and the way your social circle sees things.
  9. greatsnake

    Fearless and getting laid.

    Seems like a good percentage of folks on this forum have issues with escalating after a woman starts getting flirty. Once she does this, she opens herself up to your game to show her what you have. In my experience, you need a couple of things; be fearless and know who you are. Don’t be scared...
  10. greatsnake

    disrespectful women

    I've noticed that in certain relationships the woman disrespects the man and the man for some reason doesn't respond. Is disrespect a sign that she don't see you as someone that can lead/thinks she's superior to her man, the man simply hasn't put his foot down or because the man loves the woman...
  11. greatsnake

    Last night

    I went to a get together at a good friend’s house and ran into some chick that I had only seen twice five years ago. It was a good 10 of us and I direct the flow of the conversation as I usually do. Three hours later, I focus on the chick and she tells me that she had a crush on me 5 years ago...
  12. greatsnake

    being labeled

    who in here has been labeled a fuxboy and what have been your responses to it?
  13. greatsnake

    What do women prefer?

    I was talking to one of my girlfriends that I’ve know for a long time and she brought the fact that she has known some dude for a long time. They have never had sex/isn’t attracted to him, but states that they have an emotional connection and they share so much in common (lol). She calls him...
  14. greatsnake


    I personally can not tolerate a jealous girlfriend. One stint of it and I bounce. Is there a way to become more patient?
  15. greatsnake

    Dating women that are under 24

    I’ve realized that dating women under the age of 24 is much easier. They don’t come with the baggage that much older ones come with. I can now see why folks in these forums and that have been in the game a lot longer suggest this. SAGE ADVICE.
  16. greatsnake

    Women like to be handled

    I go to a hooters not so far away from my place, usually talk to the girls that work there. Had been trying to get at one for a while. Every time i would see her I would basically give her commands and act like an ******* around her and she’d smile. Today I finally asked for her number and she...
  17. greatsnake

    Low value male

    What happens when a chick doesn’t see her boyfriend as a high value male?
  18. greatsnake

    Married Coworker

    I’ve been her coworker for the past 5 years. Tell me why she likes hearing about my sexual adventures and gives me subtle sexual messages?.. this lady is married, but she would be my type to Fucx around with.
  19. greatsnake

    Ex is jealous

    Why does my Ex get jealous when she sees me with hickies, even after one year of breaking up. Specially, when she was the one breaking it off???
  20. greatsnake

    S3x while drunk/sober

    One of the chicks I’m seeing, recently told me that the next time I bang her that I should do it sober. I find it odd because usually chicks who I meet and fux don’t care about that. Why do you guys think she asked that?