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    The Free Man

    Alright, you're stressed out. You're guilty of over-thinking and pondering over her mixed signals. She appears to be really interested, and then her interest level drops like the economy. Whatever the reason is, you're exhausted. And you know it. Ever had a lot of fun in your life? Remember...
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    If you're not having success in the club, read this.

    on Club Game Mentality Never go into a party thinking about getting laid, making out with a girl, grinding a hole in your pants with a girl. When you do that, you won't have the ultimate fun. Maybe you would be able to dance and rub your denim-covered sausage against a quality backside...
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    The Man

    He has been over-thinking, over-analyzing his and her every move. "What did i say just now, did i say it right." "What's the best way to reply this text." Replaying in his own mind were the images of what they did, and he was constantly self-reflecting on it. Why does he think so much? It's as...
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    Issues to straighten out.

    You find that her interest level is getting on the downside. What do you do, generally. I want to implement a rule to stick to, and maybe tattoo it on my penis to make sure i remember it, not getting caught up in the mind whenever it happens. Shoot.
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    Girl from the club.

    I met this girl at the club the other time. We danced, made out, she showed major interest but her friends kind of c*ckblocked me and got her to leave prematurely. I only managed to get her number from her friend. Anyway, i texted her the next day, and the first thing she asked was my actual...
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    My First Club Game.

    Okay, this is my take on the clubbing scene so far. Prior to this post, I’ve only been to clubs twice. Honestly, I was having the jitters the first time, as I only knew a friend there and my mind was constantly telling me to go approach, dance, and get laid. It was unhealthy. I managed to talk...
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    Just something for laughs.

    So i met this girl on the bus today after a long time. She was an ex-schoolmate. Talked to her a bit and we had to go. I saw her online at night so i hit her up. I'm kind of sick and feeling a little crazy so i tried to get her number after not much rapport and stuff. Anyway, here's a part of...
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    Okay, i know this topic has been talked about countless times. But the purpose of this thread is for us to share our tips on kino'ing. We all know we should start with light kino, like guiding her by the shoulder when there's a crowd, or some would prefer playing thumb wrestling. I'm gonna...
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    Question on Kegels

    While doing kegels everyday, is it better not to ejaculate? Will it affect the development of my PC muscles?
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    How would you handle this.

    Alright, let's see. If your girlfriend had a bad habit which would pose health risks, what would you do? Would you tell her it's bad and get her to stop or advise her and leave it up to her?
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    Turned a lesbian straight... but..

    I've known Girl X for about a year, but we never really talked, due to her quiet nature and that she was my friend's ex-girlfriend. Recently, we've started to talk a little, as we're in the same class. One fateful day, we finished our lessons and i said if she wants to accompany me for...
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    Advice on Sex

    I can hold out pretty well, but not like a porn-star yet. The thing is, when i fvck her harder and faster, i go for like 10 seconds and i'll cvm. Any advice on this, like going full speed for 5 seconds then back to normal to prevent cvmming too soon, etc? Do you continue fvcking her after you...
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    What to eat for better tasting semen.

    I'm talking about pre-***, and *** itself. I've heard that eating more greens will make them taste better? Any specific ones. :rolleyes:
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    Got my ass in a LTR.

    Alright this may be a little lengthy due to the amazing turn of events that happened to me today. Well, 2 friends of mine are a couple, and they told me their friend wanted to go swimming, so they asked me along. Let's call their friend, Stacy. We met up at the swimming complex. Stacy...
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    When she's giving mixed signals or playing hard to get..

    ... what do DJs do? Would appreciate it if there's a more in-depth analysis instead of the usual next-ing. :o
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    Kino Question

    I went out with this girl the first time, and she still had a distant boyfriend at that time. They hardly went out, and only contacted each other once every few days. She was cool when i kino'ed her shoulder, waist, and touching the hands. However, when i went for holding her hands, she was...
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    To call or not to call.

    Okay i've got to know this girl on the internet, she stays near me, we first talked on MSN, then started talking on the phone. Initially, I started the conversations with her, and she responded pretty well, showing a high interest level. I decided to stop initiating contact all the time, and...
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    Blood Pressure

    My dad just got this machine to test blood pressure. He got my right arm strapped up, and i have 50+ beats per minute, 140/76 approx. I see 140's a little high up. I'm 18 years old, pretty athletic, exercise about 3 times a week. How's the BP for you guys? :nervous:
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    A decision to make.

    So, if you've been spinning 2 plates, and you came up with a decision to go into a LTR with 1 of them, what would you do?
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    I do not believe this sh*t.

    I just picked up this girl, who's working as a promoter in a supermarket. I got her number, then texted her 3 days later. We ended up texting yesterday, got her MSN too, and then i proceeded to call her. We talked on the phone for a little while, like half an hour, then i said i had to go do...