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    isnt high school great?!

    I neeeeeeed to feeel the love, to help me lovveee the fear, I want everyone who just read this, and got at least some slight tiny "click" in their mind, even if you can just relate to the hapiness of ivan, or maybe if you just feel like following my instruction, then I implore you... Find...
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    SS boot camp

    At the bottom, there is a section, click "display threads from.." it probbly says something like "10 days ago" click on it and scroll down, then select the farthest time refference in the past and look how many threads there are. PS_ I bumped a lot of the good ones a while ago, so if somebody...
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    Guy C0ck Blocks

    haha i know exactly what you mean Although I think my ****blocker doesnt do it maliciously as yours, he is still annoying. This guy I know (I cant think of his name right now, so ill call him Anti-oreo, or oero :)) oero is chubby, short, black, and an AFC. I am white(really tan...
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    Know Who You Are

    Think Deeper man. You are making a post sound enlightening when in fact you are posting about minute things. Let me try to give an analogy of how people are. For the sake of understanding, let me compare them to cars. Down to the deepest layer of a being lies the "Self." Think of this...
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    The Alpha Male is Anti-DJ

    Too much emphasis on EXTRAVERTED individuals I'd like to think of myself as somewhat of a mix between extraverted and introverted, but I WAS a total introvert back in my AFC days. Being introverted when I learned about DJism was somewhat an advantage. While a lot of newbies come here and...
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    Opening lines?

    *cough-rapist-cough* ;) shes in your class? or do you see her during lunch? Best opener: "Hey/Hi/Greeting!, Im <name> *handshake* :)" and then when she gives you her name you take it from there. "Im going to sit with you today :) and use you as my HW study buddy."...
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    Fun with Blenders! Add your MIX

    ? That seems highly unlikely, but even if it can maybe somehow occur, why would that be a bad thing?
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    Fun with Blenders! Add your MIX

    Hey, my biology teacher makes this smoothie thing, and i tried it, it was pretty good so i decided to share it with you all. Ingredients: 1 bannana 6 strawberries 1tbs peanut butter (organic if you can) 1 tbs Flax Seed Oil (optional) 1 serving of chocolate protien powder 8oz. of...
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    Your Mind is What You Make it!

    Thats really excellent! :) its a good way to help people deal with problems, and itll work extremely great because this can be applied to almost ANY possible situation, but still leaves thinking up to the individual. http://www.sosuave.com/vBulletin/showthread.php?s=&threadid=37156 That...
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    Yoga In HighSchool

    :eek: Ever have the urge to just run up behind one and....!! I swear i would be sleeping wiht all of them, that would be like te sexiest class in the world. I would love going to school even more. I signed up for aerobics next semester, and there is usually about 2guys in...
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    Great Job! You got the girl! She likes you...but...why are you losing interest in her

    Well its not that. She is attractive, I would say about a 7.5 right now. She is sort of poor and doesnt dress in nice clothes, but if she fixed hair, and dressed in nice clothing she would jump to about 8.5 automatically. It's not that Im not interested in her, its just that Im put...
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    I need Help with Hypnosis, getting it Off; That is.

    yeah, find a professional to explain to you teh difference between FAMILY and non-family. I don't even look at my family as "male" or "female" I just look at them as BLOB and BLOB. So there is no way in hell that I would wonder about "hmm should I approach my sister...?" You need to...
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    Great Job! You got the girl! She likes you...but...why are you losing interest in her

    Something really weird has been happening to me. Here is the story: I made eye contact with a girl for abou 50% of a class period, this is a LOT of eye contact since the class is about 90mins. I smiled, she smiled, we made faces, laughed, etc. Her IL was raised a lot by this...
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    Suggestion: Make a Board for Guy Relationships

    I think DJing isn't just something you do to get sex, a DJ is someone you are through-out your day, whether it is with women you want to nail, women you use as friends, males you use as friends, teachers, coworkers, bosses, family, children at playground(hahaha) Whatever you DO through-out...
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    WTF is this BS i go through every time I submit?

    ? this sh1t is still doing the same thing. It worked fine for about 3 days, and now its doing it all over again.
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    I need Help with Hypnosis, getting it Off; That is.

    Why the fuuck do you look at family members as "attractive" or "unattractive?" That is sick in itself.
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    Bitterness of the Unpopular

    There is a HUGE difference between "honest :D" and "honest :(" And besides, why answer things anyway? Strange girl : "oreo, are you a virgin?" me: "excuse me? babe, are you offering me sex?" strange girl: "oreo, how far have you gotten with a girl?" me: "hey, when I stop...
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    I need Help with Hypnosis, getting it Off; That is.

    Its called brainwashing. It should be called "mindwashing" becasue your brain is only a physical body part, and it bends to the will of your mind. It has little to do with chemistry (you couldn't take a drug and gain it back to normal) and what do you mean "no visualizations?"
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    Bitterness of the Unpopular

    I still think of myself as not having the "BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE!!!" type of buddies, but yeah I have friends ot hang out with. basically all you have to do is be interested in them, and then set up a plan for more interesting conversation.