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    Married woman that's unhappy? Is this common? :P

    This sounds like a woman I was with some years ago. I had just gotten separated and so was she... bad mistake on my part. I can tell you I barely escaped with my life... her soon to be ex was nuts and so was she. She would call me crying with him in the background screaming, etc, etc, etc... you...
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    How many women....

    The numbers are suspect. How many days has Wilt Chamberlain even lived, to have had sex with 20,000 women? 10 years of life is only 3650 days - how do you reach 20,000? Ridiculous! Who are these hors that throw themsleves at these celebritites? The so-called celebrities must all be fvcking...
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    how will this end?

    Latinoman is 100% correct. It is amazing how women can ignore the "respect thing". They are either stupid or deliberately ignore any issues of men respecting other men, in fact they sometimes stir up trouble just for fun. And men like Mike sometimes unfortunately inadvertently play...
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    whoa! might be a daddy.

    Sorry, but having a kid while you are still a kid is NOT a good idea, depite the sugar-coating here. It is just not a good idea... forget your plans, be ready for life in a cubicle. You had to hear it from somebody.... Dietzcoi
  5. D

    Getting a fvcking green card...

    I am the opposite, an American who wants to stay in Germany... but the weak dollar (I get paid in dollars) is a kiiller. I just spend a week in the DC area on business... now that's a hellhole!!! Warum wird dein Leben zerstoert, nur weil du nach Deutschland zurueckkehren musst? Ich finde...
  6. D

    how will this end?

    Sorry, Mike, but women should not discuss embarrassing weaknesses of thier husbands with other men. Its just plain wrong. If the shoe was on the other foot, you would not like it either. But to answer your question, they are headed for a train wreck. The guy sound like a screwball loser...
  7. D

    Had 8v8 football game with mates

    In college I played intramural football, I played safety. I remember one play, the opposing team was punting, I dropped back with the other safety to recieve. He was going to recieve, I was just blocking. He caught the punt and we started down the field. One of the opposing linemen ran...
  8. D

    What is a feminine woman?

    A feminine woman does not try to compete with you for dominance. Men compete with men... and women with women. Beware the woman who tried to compete with you and beat you at male type activities.. NOT feminine. Feminine also means wearing "girlish" clothes and not trying to dress like a...
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    Wife goes to Club/Bar

    Wow what a post! Is this the longer post in SoSuave history? I could not read it all... surprised I missed seeing it develop. In any case, I join the group who says that this behaviour by the wife is unacceptable... No excuses for this woman. I am disappointed in some of the CPT-SAV-A...
  10. D

    Ah love! "Father Clings to Life After Brutal Killings"

    The men will get death, the girl will be let off easy - she was obviously under the spell of her DJ boyfriend and had no choice!! Just wait, this is what will happen.... Dietzcoi
  11. D

    Girlfriend cut her hair too short, how do I tell her?

    Well, if you believe the evolutionary psychiatrists, long hair indicates a woman's fertility and sexuality, and short hair indicates a woman has "given up" trying to be attractive to men. Proof of this??? Look at how many young women have long hair, and how many older women have short...
  12. D

    How to get over fear of physical confrontation?

    I think his issue to to avoid fear of confrontations. The best defense against this is to stop confrontations BEFORE they escalate to actual fighting. I have to admit, I am not good at this. SO, what is the answer to stopping and avoiding any fighting? Once a fight begins, you have already...
  13. D

    So I found a new forum today..

    All true, but remember that in the past many older men were married to teenage girls as young as 15 or younger.... I think that sex amoung young people has probably gone on throughout history, but it just was kept hidden in the past. Note, this does not make it right! Dietzcoi
  14. D

    Just want to point out another case of "Attention Wh*ring"....

    You should try the Oktoberfest in Munich, I have had women grab my hand and place it on thier breasts, just for fun. They are out of control after a liter of bier... the AWs are the majority of women! "Cry havoc, and let loose the hoes of war!" Its all good fun but don't read too much into...
  15. D

    It's time to start playing the game like a woman

    Yeah, he never should have had that 22 year old in his bed just for "funsies". Its ridiculous, although obviously enticing. Its not about the worman, though. Its about how a man will act. Just because something is available, you don't have to indulge. You have to stay true to your own...
  16. D

    Living at home 30+ years old

    Yes, you should come over... but not to increase the birth rate!! :) Dietzcoi
  17. D

    My Amazing LTR GF has a "Bad Past"

    Remote Control nailed it... right on the head. What man wants a woman with that past? Answer: A man who thinks he cannot do better. I know it is uncharitable to think this way, but your risk your future life if you don't protect yourself from broken women. Believe me, I have lived it...
  18. D

    Living at home 30+ years old

    The Italian and rest of European birth rate is dropping like a stone. Do you think these boys (not men) who stay with thier mothers to age 30+ have anything to do with the low birth rate? Does James Bond live at home with his mother???? Think about it... and move out! Dietzcoi
  19. D

    Who will win the superbowl

    The Giants, boys, the Giants. You heard it here first! Dietzcoi
  20. D

    What Everyone is Calling Branch Swinging

    Mater Bates, you sound like somebody who likes to excuse bad behaviour on the part of women.. it this really what you want to do? Do women need a champion for thier bad behaviour on this site? What makes you want to make excuses for them? Maybe you like to have lunch with "old flames"...