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    Hey DJ's, how's it going?

    I was slacking off at work and realized that there was one site that I hadn't visited in awhile - sosuave.com. I see that everything is nearly the same here - same lively debate - and you all are still getting all the hot chicks. I'm still a "bad girl" and quite happy about it. Exciting...
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    Women test guys. That is a fact. Why? In most cases, it is because we don't want to date some dumbass. In other cases, the woman just might enjoy jerking guys around - this is probably a type of woman you want to stay away from. In my mind, there are good tests and bad tests. Chances are the...
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    Is this relationship worthwhile?

    Here is a good post for those of you in a LTR and unsure about it or for those of you considering entering into one. A really good list, which I have cobbled together from my experience, of what makes a relationship worthwhile. The things you need to have a REALLY GREAT relationship. So, if...
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    An Important Part of a LTR: Friendship

    TND's post about compatibility prompted me to post some more LTR advice for anyone who needs it. My first tips post... how exciting! my ideas be torn to shreds by many DJ's because I am a woman? Only time will tell... A Different Kind of Friendzone This is a post for all of your who are in...