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    Cold Approach - Never Realized How Hard This Would Be

    I've done around 2,000 cold approaches all during the day. I don't do really do night cold-approaches as it does not fit with my lifestyle. I have had a few close encounters where I have almost gotten laid, but I still have yet to get laid from doing this. This hobby is incredibly...
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    Is Status as You Age Determined by Your Posessions?

    Is the idea that your SMV increases as you age heavily determined by the fact that your income increases and therefore your ability to purchase status symbols will allow you to attract women? If this is the case then I'm screwed, because I live a minimalist lifestyle and hate wasting my money...
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    Gaming in Waikiki

    A couple days ago I decided to fly to Waikiki to check it out. I always wanted to go to Hawaii to experience the island/tropical life. I have gotten to experience a lot of the beauty o'ahu has to offer, but I haven't found much opportunity to be had here in terms of gaming. A couple of things...
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    Beta Male Friends

    How do you guys deal with your beta friends that don't approach/are married/are in a relationship with the first girl that settled for them? I have a group of friends from HS and we have known each other forever, but damn, these kids are beta. They probably have never approached in their life...
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    Is Daygame BS?

    I've been doing daygame for a little while now. I've read all of the theory (krauser, torero, Tusk, etc.) and for the most part have implemented it. There may be some blind spots that I am unaware of, but I don't think there's too much a daygame teacher can teach me to tangibly improve upon my...
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    Maintaining Dignity After Rejection

    So I've been doing cold approach (entirely daygame) for a little while now and although most of the rejections that I receive are neutral/pleasant, a fair number of them are unpleasant. The unpleasant rejections can manifest themselves in a number of different ways, but usually involves some...
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    FR - 8 Hour Daygame Marathon

    So a wing and I decided to go on an epic daygame marathon on Sunday. We got started at 11 and went all the way until about 7. Totally exhausting and probably too much, but about an hour after I had lunch at around 2 I caught a second wind and refused to leave until I had a few solid...
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    Being Chill During Cold Approach

    When doing cold approach is it ideal to emit a chill, non-chalant vibe? I've heard some people say that you should imagine yourself ****ing the girl you're talking to so that when you walk up to a girl you would have a very sexual vibe emitting from you that she would pick up on and therefore...
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    Value in Intending to Approach, but Not Actually Approaching?

    For most of my life when I would see a hottie I would simply ignore her, and act as if I had no desire to interact with her. I would repress any notion of approaching and would actively avoid coming into close contact with her. Lately I've simply been entertaining the notion of approaching...