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    Mormon woman Kicked out of Mormon church for her OnlyFans account making 45K a month

    Probably because they feel like they have a "personal" relationship with them
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    Going on a trip to Spain

    I was a club DJ and I can tell you I was the star attraction...most of them are if you are going to any decent size club. Bouncers and Bartenders do well also. All the dudes and promoters wanted to be cool with me and the girls wanted to bang me as "status". Especially once they saw me hanging...
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    IOIs clarified

    Pretty much any unsolicited interaction if you are out at a bar/club by a woman is an IOI. As in you are hanging out with a friend and a woman comes up to the bar next to you and says something like "Oh my God...you smell soooo good!" or "I really like that shirt you have on...it fits you so...
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    Americans Abroad

    Pretty sure most of them are out, otherwise how could they be meeting Americans
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    Five bucks brett favre beast rap like rocky

    Football is so far ahead it would take 25 years of constant declines for anything to catch it. It's must see TV for many people. It's also 24-7-365. I mean the NFL draft gets higher ratings than 90% of all shows
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    Five bucks brett favre beast rap like rocky

    Good luck with having hope.
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    Dating Coworkers: Win A Stupid Prize!

    Until they get hit with sexual harassment claims and lose a bunch of money. No industry was until it started costing them millions of dollars. Then it becomes a major issue.
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    When it makes more sense to go to her place instead of yours?

    Yeah a lot of women have a 3 date "rule"
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    Worse legal case you ever had?

    None. A few speeding tickets.
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    When it makes more sense to go to her place instead of yours?

    Has nothing to do with her race, has to do with her wanting to wait longer.
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    Five bucks brett favre beast rap like rocky

    Maybe live viewing but the NFL is as popular as ever in the US. Ratings don't count people who DVR it or watch it via other streaming services. Trust me when I tell you that anyone who thinks the NFL is going to just fade away is basically just making stuff up in their own mind and trying to...
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    Five bucks brett favre beast rap like rocky

    Wishful thinking 75 of the top 100 rated TV shows in the US last year were NFL football games. For an entire year!! We are talking major one off things like Grammy's, Emmy's, award shows, popular TV show season finales, etc...none of them even mattered. All of them are irrelevant. A random NFL...
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    Going on a trip to Spain

    Awesome! I used to love guys like you...you'd bring the girls to the club for me. If you ever lose your GF for an hour or so, check the DJ booth...pro level tip.
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    Going on a trip to Spain

    Nah...I am not sure what kind of women you like to hang out with but thankfully they aren't the same ones I do.
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    Going on a trip to Spain

    Exactly...and that's why when they find someone interesting to do exciting things with they get to live out the novels instead of just read about them. One of the easiest ways to get women these days is to not be lame and boring like 85% of the dudes she meets
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    Going on a trip to Spain

    They absolutely do
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    Plate found out I'm with other girls and got upset

    I would have just fvcked her in the ass then made her suck it as punishment
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    Going on a trip to Spain

    Because it's like a fantasy...meeting someone for the first time in a new location neither has been to...it's exciting, it's hot and it's fun
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    Going on a trip to Spain

    I kinda figured things would go south at some point but it's good you got lots of hot wild vacation sex out of her before it happened.
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    Ever date a widow?

    Unless you are a violent felon who beats her, she will eventually think something is wrong with you. People who are with those kind of guys actually LIKE them...for whatever reason that is what she considers normal and expects that's how guys will act and treat her. She will LOVE that you...