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  1. thermodynamic

    Humbling Women who toy with you

    If you actively try to get back at them, you are only giving them more power. It is just like when a girl gives you negative attention - you know you got through to them and are in their head.
  2. thermodynamic

    "Coming on too strong" test

    No she was VERY into my approach. This is just one comment that she had that I got confused with- she liked the initial approach very much.
  3. thermodynamic

    Inside the World of Leg Lengthening (to get women)

    Way to fail a "**** test"
  4. thermodynamic

    Humbling Women who toy with you

    Do them the ultimate dishonor and ignore them. If you even wasted your time making this post to get back at them, they are worth your time. Your time is not worth them.
  5. thermodynamic

    Part 5: Murder, getting cucked by my best friend, testosterone and how red pill reinvigorated my marriage

    I still don't understand how someone ends up in this sort of a situation to begin with. I don't even understand how to get a date with a girl that isn't into me, much less a relationship. If my wife routinely did not want to ****, I would just tell her it's okay I will just go **** some other woman.
  6. thermodynamic

    I can attract women easily but cannot keep them around long term

    What is your job, hobbies, etc. Are you doing something with your life?
  7. thermodynamic

    Asked my boss out

    I still don't understand how making a move on a girl can result in so much drama and trouble. How far do you have to go to get in trouble ? Did he try to make out with her ? I usually make a solid educated guess before making a move (and the girls are simultaneously making moves on me in their...
  8. thermodynamic

    "Coming on too strong" test

    I just told her the usual, how are you , so on and so forth small talk, but I had a very confident attitude. She was walking and I told her to stop. She did and then we talked. She was lapping it up the whole time, I did get her contact too, the "too strong comment" is the only part I fumbled...
  9. thermodynamic

    How Do You Cold Approach, When every Woman is in a Group?

    Seems like a good strategy, no doubt it works, but personally I do not like doing things I don't care for to talk to a girl. If I want something I will go for it. I do not need tricks or games to win my target over - she will probably like me by default.
  10. thermodynamic

    Asked my boss out

    Should a followed your dad's advice and not asked her out. Kept pushing forward, and also let her be the aggressor and keep coming when you had the chance.
  11. thermodynamic

    Asked my boss out

    Hell yeah . Right on. Plus , you never know he can leverage his position and get a promotion. Rasputin was banging his boss (the queen of Russia) and look what he got away with. Been in one similar to this, and OP's dad's advice is the best. Don't ask her out, treat her like they're allready...
  12. thermodynamic

    How to make a girl submit who rejected you?

    Direct the rage and channel it into confidence to go hit on other girls. Let your rage push you to not give a **** about what anyone thinks and go for what you want with other girls.
  13. thermodynamic

    How to make a girl submit who rejected you?

    Read this post on another thread - this is what you should have done - https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/asked-my-boss-out.275322/post-2969494 Follow the advice this guy's dad had for him.
  14. thermodynamic

    Should I talk with her daily?

    Occasionally do not respond, or take your time to respond.
  15. thermodynamic

    Asked my boss out

    Yeah he has a point. This is the answer to your whole thread. Balls in and do it. **** it if she's your boss. Handle the situation like a boss haha. You should elaborate on his advice and make a post on this. "Try to get a "date" in a plausibly deniable way, all the while, keep physically...
  16. thermodynamic

    How to make a girl submit who rejected you?

    Yeah you had to play it cool like nothing happened when she rejected you and proceed. The problem is you caught feelings for her too soon. The physically attracted is fine, thats kind of inevitable. Do not lot the rejection get to you. Its good that she is around and hurting your feelings -...
  17. thermodynamic

    Sweet girl turned ghetto on me

    She clearly regrets it let it go. Jesus Christ. There is your damn answer.
  18. thermodynamic

    Asked my boss out

    maybe he can readily find another 100k a year job. I have never had a female boss besides my mother, grandmother, or my aunts.
  19. thermodynamic

    Why the Gym will make you more of an Incel than a player

    How do we know you aren't coping with the fact that your making slow progress in the gym. :rofl:
  20. thermodynamic

    "Coming on too strong" test

    I recently had a girl tell me "Why I come on so strong " when I approached her, what does this test mean exactly ? I approached her with extreme confidence. I really did not know how to respond and fumbled it a bit.