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    URGENT: All players and guys that cheat and use women must read this

    You're fun and games could be over very very soon http://dontdatehimgirl.com/ :D
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    feminist Molly Yard dies

    http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/05265/575765.stm rest in peace:D
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    Anybody here ever been busted for posting here?

    I was wondering if anybody here has ever posted a relationship problem here or a story about their experiences and the girl that you had a relationship or experience with just so happened to be one of the girls that browse this site to see what men are saying about women. Anybody here ever get...
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    Anybody here see Blind Date on Monday night?

    This average looking guy got set up with a hot lingerie football girl. He said there was no way he would get her by being nice so he hit her with neg hits. He asked her if she used to be blond, he said he liked her earrings because they were sleazy and after knowing her for 5 minutes said he...
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    red mark on head of penis

    I guess I was a little too rough while masturbating and I now have a red mark on the head of my penis. It hasn't changed in like a week and I haven't even touched it since. What can I put on it to make it go away? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Friends with past girlfriends and girls you had sex with?

    Is anybody here good friends with old girlfriends kind of like Jerry and Elaine on Seinfeld? What about being friends with girls that you had sex with a few times but don't have sex with them anymore? How does that work out?
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    Why do/did you feel a lack of confidence?

    I assume that the reason alot of guys are here is because they lacked confidence around women. What makes YOU lack confidence. Do you feel that you were just somehow naturally insecure or did you have bad experiences in your life like maybe your parents were demeaning to you in some way or...
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    Watch Oprah tomorrow

    They will have a guy on there explaining to women on how to tell if the guy is interested in them. Should be interesting:D
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    What exactly is quiet confidence?

    I've been hearing things about this but I really don't understand what it is? Can somebody explain it please?
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    Girls in my class talking about men and dating

    In one of my college classes we were talking about relationships. There were about 15 girls in there and they had some interesting things to say like... A guy should pay for everything on a date. They hate nice guys. When a guy gets a girls number he should call that day or the next...
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    Don Juans in Pittsburgh

    Where do you take your dates?
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    How do you make cuts heal faster?

    Is there any kind of medicine I can put on cuts to make them heal faster?
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    This girl said to me"you suck"

    I was sitting at one of the library computers last week next to this hot Italian girl. All of a sudden she started asking people for a highlighter. She asked two girls first and then she asked me. I told her that I didn't have one and then she kind of scrunced up her face and then said "you...
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    Did your father's give you advice on women growing up?

    My father never really told me anything about women. Did anybody here have father's that helped them with women? If so, was the advice that he gave you good or was it AFC?
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    Are you supposed to let a girl win?

    I'm either going bowling or playing mini golf with a girl that I asked out this Friday. Is a guy really supposed to let them win? My older sister once told me that a guy should always let the girl win but then again she also once told me that a guy should always ask for permoission to kiss a...
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    Are there really girls that don't kiss on the first date?

    Are girls for real when they say they don't kiss on the first date or or is it a way of saying "I don't want to kiss you"? If she was on a date with Brad Pitt I think she would kiss him. What do you think?
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    What do girls think of guys that are loners?

    I'm pretty much a loner. When I go out I'm by myself almost always. In college hallways I'm almost always sitting by myself reading. Can this turn off girls if it looks like you don't have any friends?
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    Best Dating show to learn from

    What do you think is the best show to learn from? I think Blind Date is the best. It's alot more like real life seeing as how there are no twists or anything and it's one on one just like a real date.
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    MTV's "Wanna Come Inside"

    Anybody see this show? It's pretty bad. A supposed stud tries to coach a dud through a date while watching his date on TV and giving him advice through an earpiece. They get money if the dud gets invited inside the girls house at the end of the date. Some of the "studs" give pretty bad...
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    Do girls ever approach you?

    Do any of you guys ever have strange women that you don't know ever come up to you and flirt? Like at the mall, school, clubs, grocery store anywhere. Girls never seem to approach me anywhere, I have to go to them. Anybody here have it the easy way?