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    Lets hear your dumped, heartbroken or cheated on stories! (and how u recovered)

    Alright boys, im still dealing with drama from my oneitis who cheated (same college thats why we interact). So i wanna hear some of your stories of what happened and about that one girl who ****ed you over and HOW U GUYS GOT OVER IT AND BECAME THE MAN you are today!
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    what wud u guys do here? (new girl after bad breakup)

    long story short, ive just got out of a terrible relationship last month (she cheated) so am not 100% sure what i want these days. But ive been talkin and went out 2wice with this new hb9 recently. The problem here is the new chick seems indifferent, we only talk like once a week, shes very...
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    What should i do in this situation

    So thers a girl who i was frends with for a long time and there was massive sexual tension between us, but shes always had a bf. Shes broken up with him recently and sure enuff we've been fooling around but no sex. but when i asked her if she wanted to make it official, as in a relationship, she...
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    any advice for real relations?

    sup guys, long time reader of the forums. Ive got a question for real relationships, everything seems to be short term for me. I love the game but I think i might be lacking something. So heres my situation, my primary pickup place are the clubs and i do pretty well, great social value and a...