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    Past 7 days: report

    I don't see enough reports on here of actual "approaches" and how things escalated. I am going to change that. Do with it what you want - learn, laugh, or don't believe - you choose. Day 1: Walked into the the spot my friend and I were going to, scanned for second, spotted a blonde 9, I made...
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    Seducing / Escalating

    I have been reading a number of threads and the strategies guys employ. It got me thinking of how I do it and how maybe I don't have strategy after all. At a bar / club, if someone catches my eye I will either ask if they want to talk for a bit and then take their hand to lead to the side, and...
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    Creating Connection

    Went out to my old hunting grounds for first time in years…. I think I learned some new tricks I wasn’t quite aware of before. I saw who I wanted, and knew it was just matter of time. Locking eyes. Letting silence do the work. Twice it worked like a charm. Just looking into their eyes before...
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    Hello, it has been years since I turned to the forums but I need someone who sees the forest right now. About 10 years ago, I was very much into gaming. I was 100% in person only. I mainly did bars, clubs, or street. I was at a point where I could walk into a place pick who I wanted and make...