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  1. J

    More Good News: Maybe Looks Don't Matter After All!

    I'm a big advocate of boosting your smv in any way practically possible. This means grooming, exercise, wardrobe, social skills, and of course income. There is zero doubt that doing so will increase the quality and quantity of access to higher quality women. Having said that, when out on my own...
  2. J

    Real Talk: Female Beauty Peaks at 18

    I noticed in college and also at clubs/bars that 21+ year old girls were just at the point of decline in beauty. By this point, many of these girls had started to gain a significant amount of weight, voices were deepening a little bit, they were becoming a bit more assertive, cynical and...
  3. J

    Giving/Taking Advice from Strangers: Why?

    We all get this is an entertainment board, it's not a source of actual, legitimate advice (or at least we should be aware of this). Even when people do "ask" for advice they typically have their minds made up, post a couple likes for people who confirm their initial bias or decision, and that's...
  4. J

    Women's Horniness Drops Drastically in Winter

    To be honest, it seems like my own sex drive seems to drop in the winter as well. I'm just assuming the warmer weather and sunshine energizes us, and our sex drive is just one aspect of how our mood changes in general. The weather is much warmer this fall than in the past for whatever reasons...
  5. J

    HB7.5 The Ideal Girlfriend?

    There are so many black pill threads on this forum I thought I'd post a little "good news" relatively speaking. IME, I haven't been any happier dating 9+ caliber girls than with hb6, 7 or 7.5. Often, I'm happier in relationships with girls in the hb 6 to 8 range. I'm often dating these girls...
  6. J

    Rating the Major Cities for Game

    I certainly haven't visited every large city in the US, far from it, but certainly visited several, lived in a few, and have a decent basis for comparison. Let's get your "ratings" of major cities you've either lived or gamed in. To start off, I will say that moving to a big city is far from a...
  7. J

    The Dating Market from an Economic Perspective

    I touched upon this topic in another thread but it definitely deserves it's own. Dating is like any other economic market (with the average life span of 85 years or so, longer if you take of yourself, we are "durable goods." rather than consummables like gas or food), where the highest quality...
  8. J

    Beer Goggles: The New Normal

    At first, it just seemed funny, just kind of a one-off weird post. But these "weird" posts are showing up all the time. Dudes have fvcking lost their minds. Biggoal is chasing 50+ grannies and in his twisted mind they actually are hot. He's also into ugly asian women calling 4/10 asian chicks...
  9. J

    Rating Ways to Meet Women

    So it seems like my strategy of reverse psychology has worked and y'all are eager as f-ck to approach! https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/if-youre-not-good-at-cold-approach-after-a-month-you-never-will-be.271863/#post-2895079 So let's get down to the nitty gritty. This is your chance to...
  10. J

    If You're Not Good at Cold Approach After a Month, You Never Will Be

    As I stated in another thread, I cannot recall seeing even a single person improve their cold approach skills appreciably. The thing is, by the time you're in your twenties, you are unlikely to improve significantly in intelligence, speaking skills, social skills or other facets of life that...
  11. J

    So "Conventional" Marriages and Dating Suck: What is Your Solution?

    There are tons of guys on here who complain about everything (including myself): women are all fat and ugly and tatted, asian women too selective, slvts not selective enough, it's endless. Online dating is useless, swipe apps are bots only, yada yada yada. One thing I NEVER see are posts about...
  12. J

    Who's Having Success in Social Circles?

    Meetup is a wasteland. The local young professional groups are barren. Cold approaches are increasingly difficult as clubs and bars with dance floors are closed everywhere. I've had some success with work and business related social networking but with remote work that's occurring less and...
  13. J

    Women's Horniness is at an All Time High

    I'm barely putting any effort into my appearance these days. I occasionally shave but my streetgear consists strictly of sweatpants, sweatshirt and sneakers. I can't even be bothered with jeans anymore. Nonetheless, women are showing more interest, initiating far more often, and showing no...
  14. J

    Meetup Has Hit Rock Bottom (I Think)

    I had a really nice summer and the release of bottled up sexual tension amongst the ladies was a wonderful experience, both expected and unexpected. My confidence recently has been quite high and out of curiosity started browsing some meetup events again. Yeah I know all the jokes about meetup...