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    “Don’t kiss on the first date unless you know you’ll get laid”

    UPDATE It actually worked out. But probably cause this chick was HI. Anyways on 2nd date she couldnt stop touching me. And she made it a breeze for me to escalate. There was some LMR before the kiss. But this sample is too small for any conclusion. Anyways it's probably better to go for it...
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    Women DO NOT hang out 1on1 alone with guys they don't wanna ****.

    Makes sense women hang out with orbiters but I though OLD or new girls they would rather not go 1on1 right? FIgured these are the types to only meet when the guy's paying for something. Doubt they would meet for something cheap <$5 like a walk/icecream.
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    Indecisive boss stalling career

    I can understand businesses being uncertain but here he cant stand by his decisions. I get it that if youre wrong then you need to change opinions etc. That and the boss isnt as ambitious, aggressive or assertive. Cant say no keeps taking on more than we can handle and finally in the long run...
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    What's Her Interest Level? Confused.

    This was your mistake. Even if she invites you the next day and it wasnt you inviting her dont go for it. Subconsciously they think you have too much free time which means you must not be that great. Maybe the meeting friends makes it seem to quick for her. She may think you want something more...
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    Women DO NOT hang out 1on1 alone with guys they don't wanna ****.

    Not me, but at least he didnt pay for much besides the smokes. Funny enough I would expect them to go 1on1 to cafes or restaurants not a park.
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    Indecisive boss stalling career

    I have an indecisive boss. His lack of assertiveness is going to stall my career. He has had a relatively slow growth and if he doesnt grow faster the entire team stalls under him. I guess my only option is to leave and look for another job, which sucks cause I actually like the place I'm at...
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    “Don’t kiss on the first date unless you know you’ll get laid”

    I think this is the biggest concern. Friendzoning yourself not showing intent. Weird. I assume you would have tried to isolate her away from people and even then she turned her cheek. Was she playing hard to get or just ASD/LMR/being shy? I would have thought that 2 days with the cheek means...
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    What's your opinion of when Married men says "Oh She's the boss"

    Guys who have lost their spine. Guys like that drown themselves in work or a hobby. Mostly work. And they are not assertive enough.
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    Women DO NOT hang out 1on1 alone with guys they don't wanna ****.

    Well this age old adage proved to be false for a buddy. He was just discussing his time with I assume an AW trying to make him an orbiter. If this was something few years back I would agree but nowadays women go out with guys for a free meal and free attention. But somehow I feel it was him to...
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    “Don’t kiss on the first date unless you know you’ll get laid”

    Opinions on the following I came across. I have tried it out yesterday. Lets see the response.Generally I always used to aim for a kiss to show further intent. Somethings sort of make sense like keeping the sexual tension but I thinks its applicable to only to high interest women.
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    Should I go to a legal brothel to get more experience?

    Just go ahead and get it out of your system. Some like it, some dont. Youll never know unless you try. I dont know what it is about this but women seem to be disgusted and dread at the same time. I guess they know subconsciously that their pvssy is easily replaceable. If the guy's gone one he...
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    “What’s your type”

    My first though was she was trying to see whether I was into her or Jasmine. Later on I began thinking maybe she's trying to be a wingwoman. Fat shaming. lol do they defend and say "more cushion for the pushing" Interesting cause she asked this while the friend had stepped out. She asked the...
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    “What’s your type”

    This is a typical IoI and she’s trying to see of she has a chance. However recently while I was asked this she also added in “is it someone blah blah blah. What about Jasmine is she your type” Now is she trying to set up her friend or is she seeing whether I agree with Jasmine being my type...
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    Friendly women....................

    Interesting. I think I lookin back there was 1 who was HI. She was always hovering round me or making excuses to touch my shoulders or arms. I took her runnin her fingers on my forearms as an IoI since she didnt do that to any other guy. Later randomly during a conversation she dropped "my BF...
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    Friendly women....................

    Because she initiated contact with you its not a sign for you to fvck off and that she is taken. I also see it as if BF then she's telling you that she is desirable. Treat as a sh1t test similar to IHAB. I believe the best response is to invite for drinks post whatever on xxx day. She'll comply...
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    Epic Friendzone Stories

    I was friendzoned. We were both sober, madeout but too much LMR. Got the usual ljbf a day or 2 later. I said fvck it. Had just found TRP and SS. Gave her 1 word answers. Ignored her, didnt reach out at all. She invited me out to something and I was cold to her. Received a long@ss message...
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    Do U think women reject men who've been w/ prostitutes because it's an indication of being a loser?

    Precisely what I was thinking. Gives men unlimited options and shifts the power in their balance. Women are scared that their main use is taken away from them. Patrice O'neil said ask a woman what would she do to keep a man if she lost use of her pvssy. Most replied bj's or anal. But none...
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    How to move on ?

    Text for logistics. Activity, place @ time/day. Eg Drinks, DJ Bar @ 2130 Wed Edit just realised you said friend. If she's been a friend for a few months you'll have to change the approach.
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    If Money + Status Are So Important Why Do So Many Rich Celebs Have Ugly Wives/Girlfriends?

    Hotter the wife, higher the maintenance and billionaires/millionaires are adept at finance and know that women are depreciating assets. Its similar to motorcycles. You can buy a race replica motogp special edition bike and all that sh1t for over 60k or get almost 90% of the same performance...
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    My Movie Review: Blue Valentine

    Last American Virgin.