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    What every skinny guy should know...

    Re: Re: What every skinny guy should know... maybe you're intimidating looking better can cause that
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    What every skinny guy should know...

    Re: Re: Re: What every skinny guy should know... Translation: I only believe what I want to believe :rolleyes: read his post every day to make you 100% happy with having no muscle
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    Help me meet guys!

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    Is looking too young bad?

    I also am 22 and have been told I look 17 I really don't think it matters too much though
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    Am I at a disadvantage, with not having a cell phone?

    I despise cell phones but unfortunatly I think alot of girls will assume you have no social life if you don't have a phone.
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    I'm a girl

    I don't understand why any girl would want to be here. Seriously what do you gain by being here? as for wyldfire, she represents everything that a guy should avoid which makes anything she has to say pointless if you ask me
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    Physical preferences

    I see so much **** claimed on this site that I never see in real life obese guys claiming to get hot girls 5'5 guys claiming to have 5'10 girlfriends ot knowing short guys with girlfriends much taller than them guys claiming that girls laugh at guys with muscles and now white girls...
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    Crosby or Ovechkin?

    Crosby I'm probably biased though because he is on my team. Ovechkin has less around him though. Crosby is younger and didn't play in the super leagues like ovechkin. Crosby is the chosen one. THE NEXT ONE!!!!!!!!:cheer: :cheer:
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    Interracial dating

    there's a difference between thinking they're hot and actually wanting to have sex with them I think Beyonce is hot but I have no sexual desire for her. I don't know why. It just isn't there.
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    Interracial dating

    I'm not physically attracted to either and I would prefer my kids to be similar to me.
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    Interracial dating

    not black or asian
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    Am I The Shortest?

    Most short guys were short all their life. They were often picked on for their height and because of that have low self confidence which makes them give ****ty interviews.
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    Interracial dating

    I've never had sexual interest in an African American girl. I see ones that I think are good looking but the sexual attraction just isn't there.
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    Am I The Shortest?

    I think more women would prefer a guy that is average height over a freakish 6'8
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    what is skinny/thin/average/muscular...?

    You will find a few 18 year old 5'9 210 pounders at the teen nationals bodybuilding competition. They aren't natural though. That's alot of muscle for somebody that is 5'9. It would take many years to build it naturally and it isn't possible for somebody at only 18 to be that size and...
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    I'm a chick and this guy hit on me saying......

    a girl could file a sexual harrassment lawsuit with that line
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    Is Goatee sexy or not?

    what did she say when she saw you with the shaved head the next day? as for goatees some guys can pull it off, some guys can't
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    I'm a chick and this guy hit on me saying......

    if he wasn't drunk it means he thought you looked like a slut How did you dress? Do you wear alot of makeup? Do you have tattoos or piercings?
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    A guy's height

    actually it's probably the opposite
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    A guy's height

    height is overrated the reason some of you shorter guys struggle is because you are obviously insecure and because of that you make the taller guys look more dominant the majority of couples I see are close in height so I don't know where some of you are getting this bull**** that a woman...