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    Ranking girls based off their MBTI (Myers Briggs)

    i think ENTP's are quite usually correlated with bipolar or borderline and/or difficulty with value reciptocation and/or understanding value so they should be considered as pump and dump as well until proven otherwise, unless if you want to play high level high effort game for a whole...
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    It's saturday night, where are you going to meet new women

    Yeah it doesn't, in fact millenials are the last cohort where you will find relatively moderate numbers of people with integrity. Not the same thing about Z tho. Being an very early Z myself, most of what i see in my generation is a mass of childish idiots with good hearts but who in practice...
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    How to respond to women who cancel you last minute.

    Some demisexuals are demi just in word. They will put her desires above the supposed vital bond and will give 100% more easy time and emotional opening to build the connection with for example (as in the case of our friend solomon, and i actually think this must be explored when detected to the...
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    Am I the only wimp who this happens to?

    I think it's good to stay away from those. This happened to me when i was into such a bad moment in life, that i could not notice the red flags at all or decided to ignore them due to bad judgement. About the personality thing, i think these thotty tendencies are more than ever attached to how...
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    How to respond to women who cancel you last minute.

    I have something going on right now in a case where the girl isn't even going on something sexual or "date" with me but invited me to join her friends as she sees me as her friend. The logistics to do this are far reaching and i cannot risk dumb delays from her to say where we're meeting as this...
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    How to respond to women who cancel you last minute.

    Say goodbye and give your back. A girl tried to fake she would do that to me by phone once in a time. I answered cold and unphased.
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    Anything I should know about dating a Latina Woman?

    The only bad thing is they will have the same ****ty dynamics of white woman in your country if they are white and come from a higher class background. They are by far the worst woman, prone to cheating, bad to deal with, and will throw themselves into any mixed Chad or to a Tyrone as they prey...
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    Anything I should know about dating a Latina Woman?

    No real difficulties if you have good game. Americans and anglo-saxons in general have very specific advantages approaching in latin countries. Be aware a big number of women will try to screen how much money you have no matter how good your game is, as they will certainly dream about living in...
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    Am I the only wimp who this happens to?

    All times a girl way above most in some (very importante to note: only a incomplete amount of all required) personality aspects + very attractive got into my way for some time (and, lets say the truth, this is becoming rare due to how one sided and empty people usually are) , i was into ****ty...
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    Post wall average 39 year old woman making 500K a year on OnlyFans for mild content...sad state of men

    There is now always a horde of idiots who will do impossible things for a girl they have in their mind in some kind of way. even when i liked someone and they are off my reach or when life hit hard and pwned me and i was vulnerable, i will never come NEARLY close to do this level of...
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    What women are experiencing online with Pump and Dump Chads

    Some girls just act like big pieces of **** because they have the ****ing options. if you have a bad track record with them, they will do even harder even when giving you space. if she is half-lesbian, you are essentially ****ed and will need to work on social proof and preselection personally...
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    Stealing others’ girls

    While i do strongly agree with this, i think i must make a good remark: If someone here is by some reason in a third world country, be very careful on who you do this. If you do it to the wrong girl because you've got choosen by destiny, you will get shot.
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    Women becoming fake bi-lesbian due to male hate?

    Not sure how this is prevalent in the US and Europe but it's usual in my country in the higher earning part of society (i live in the global south). What do you guys think of this? It's simply nuts how many under 21 girls suddenly think they are bisexual or are actually bi but jump to the...
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    If your standards are seen by others or yourself as very high, you are likely more mature than you think

    Thanks for valuing the effort i had for this. I tried to direct it as much as possible to people around my age. I think they will have great benefit on those things and understand why they are so different right now from what they were when young adults and how the urge for the best possible...
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    If your standards are seen by others or yourself as very high, you are likely more mature than you think

    I can easily see from the last months, especially as i turned 26 yesterday, that this is a fact. Raising your bar for woman and friends and being able to reconsider everything about people near you who you may have sentimental bonding and start to dislike them when seeing their flaws is a sign...
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    For people who go for young girls in general: Can we simply ignore OLD?

    The question will be straight and forward: Is it necessary to use apps for increasing possible closes to their maximum potential numbers when we talk about girls under 20? Or is social engagement, in day or nightlife, enough? I absolutely disgust online dating, it is extremely limited and i...