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    Getting Married In One Week--Suicide?

    I am one week away from getting married and this has prompted me to return to the forum after staying away from it for several years. All my friends...many of whom are married...seem to be telling me that getting married is tantamount to suicide. They make it seem as if I'm about to ruin my...
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    Learning when to walk away...from this site

    Too much of a good thing is usually a bad thing. I’ve noticed that this rule holds true with this website. There is a definite progression. In the beginning, a guy comes here broken hearted and looking for answers and a place to vent. He finds many of the answers in the DJ Bible and finds a...
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    Balling a married woman

    Wow, the moral vaccuum here is disturbing. Try being the child who gets caught in the middle of something like this. It affects their confidence and their social development and has the potential to create emotional problems. But hey, I hope you guys who do stuff like this are really having a...
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    Did i just ruin my LTR by getting drunk?

    Here are my opinons based on my own life experience. Take them for what they are worth. First of all, don't ever use alcohol as a way of dealing with your problems again. Not only that, but don't drink when you are in an emotional state because that always leads to regret. Second, don't beat...
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    Final exams, or Falling interest?

    This is falling interest, no doubt. Now is the time to be a man. My opinion, either walk away right now or let her know that will be the imminent result if her attitude does not improve. Don't let her begin to control you or your emotions. You are the prize. You don't need her. Believe it...
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    why do persons cheat?

    Integrity, the one thing nobody can take from you Cheating in an LTR results from a lack of integrity. Integrity means having the moral courage to do what is right even when nobody is looking. If she is bored and wants to be with someone else she needs to do the right thing and dump the guy...
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    The 'Mature' AFC

    Great discussion here. It really is a prison wall constructed by the prisoner. My Dad (he is 60) is quite the AFC living in a nice little prison he has built for himself. He recently lost his job and the best employment he could find was a low paying factory job where he is forced to work...
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    My ex of 4 1/2 months tells me she's now MARRIED.. Feeling SICK!

    She didn't love you. If she did she'd be with you. Any further contact with her will result in misery. Delete her old emails. Remover her from messenger and block her email. Delete her number from your phone. Take any pictures, cards, letters, gifts, and throw them away. Then, go find...
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    Do flowers grow from seeds planted?

    Why are you chasing after a girl that has a boyfriend? There are billions of women on the planet, so why go after one who is taken? A bit of oneitis perhaps. Worse yet, it's oneitis for a girl who is not available. No good can come of that. Or, think of it this way. If you can get her to...
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    Woman are fvcked up these days

    I see that women in Spain are no different than in the good ole US. In my opinion, this boils down to UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. It seems to be a disease that has infected women everywhere. I think we can all agree that the endless parade of chick flicks, romance novels, sappy lovesongs, and...
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    I am at rock-bottom

    Is this really true? I doubt it. This sounds like some serious distorted thinking to me. Your life lense is a little out of focus and it is causing you to engage in a self fulfilling prophecy. Start looking at the awful things you are percieving about yourself and put those things on trial...
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    Breaking the habit

    I've been thinking about how easy it is to know just what to do and how hard it is to actually do it. I find myself constantly slipping back into chump mode and it makes me angry to think of how much I've lost in the process. Even after many painful experiences that I know can be attributed to...
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    Matters of the heart.....

    I agree with Desdinova. You've known the chick for one month. That's not long enough to be in love.....and not even close for a woman to be in love...it takes them much longer than it takes us. She might be into you right now but trust me when I say that women can change their feelings in an...
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    Turning AFC/getting dumped, then getting her back

    If you find another beautiful woman to be with and she finds out, it will make her want you. You need to appear happy and excited about your new realtionship too though. In talking to female friends, this seems to be the main reason they take guys back. Of course, this creates a paradox. Why...
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    Don't give up the game...ever

    At the expense of my own ego I would like to share a story to hammer home the point of always being a challenge. This has all been heard before but maybe it will help someone new. My most recent GF, who dumped me last month, was my first attempt at being a DJ. In the beginning, I played...
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    don't understand 2 types of women?

    I believe that the second group formed as a result of societal programming. Women in our society are bombarded with fairy tales, chick flicks, and romance novels from an early age. This programs women to believe that it's not truly love unless they feel the magic of infatuation all the time...
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    She Can't Bring You Happiness

    Happy well adjusted people are far more attractive than unhappy people. That is a fact. When happy well adjusted people get together, they are much more likely to have happy well adjusted relationships.
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    She Can't Bring You Happiness

    I think we all stuggle with this at some point. I struggle with it too. At least you realize that it is a problem. It can and will be overcome. Sometimes it helps to look back at past relationships and see them for what they really were. How much of it was bliss? How much of it was...
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    She Can't Bring You Happiness

    All great points. Thanks for the confirmation. My chickoholic days are over.
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    She Can't Bring You Happiness

    Here comes the old familiar sting of loss. I have failed again. A few days ago I was dumped. She might have been the one whom I could have stayed with forever, but she walked away and left me with a void. She tried to break it to me easy. Her explanation was that she had a "feeling" or an...