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    Take a break from golf or quit?

    Even folks, I'm looking for some advice regarding having the worst spell of golf I've played in years, I've been playing for 22 years since I was 10 years old, last year I managed to get my handicap to +1 this year is started at scratch and now my handicap is up to 2, the standard of golf I...
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    Loosing my mojo for hobbies etc.

    Good day folks, Im looking for advice regarding not having much motivation for doing anything regarding hobbies etc I'm 34 in good shape a scratch golfer and have a good job, I'm not sure but I think having a LTR girlfriend for the last 3 years is dragging me down, we don't stay together but I...
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    Should I even contemplate moving in with her?

    Good days folks, my current situation is I have been in my LTR just shy of 3 years, I own my house and she still stays with her parents, for the last few months my girlfriend has been hinting of wanting to move In together or both of us buying another house and me renting my house out, question...
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    Making new friends at 34

    Good day folks, after kicking a few mates to the curb due to them being beta alcoholic simps and one who was taking me for a mug I'm finding myself trying to find new friends at age 34, what do you guys suggest? I don't look 34, where do guys my age go at weekends? Can I go out myself without...
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    Testosterone levels

    Hi I'm looking to get my levels checked but my doctor is reluctant to do it, I stay in the UK, what's the best way to get them checked I don't mind paying, thanks Andy
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    Help a brother out, confused

    Good day folks, at the age of 33 I'm at a stage in my life where I feel I can go out anywhere pub, gym, etc and pull a girl, this is due to me changing a few things better job (firefighter) working out regularly, growing my hair out a bit. The problem I have got as I have been in a relationship...
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    The Way I See it, I have Two Options

    Age is just a number I'm friends with a guy in his early 60s and he's always improving, we play golf together and hes better now than he was 20 years ago and hitting the ball further , we were actually talking about this the other day, you either strive to get to the top or you are at the bottom...
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    Need to make a few changes.

    What do you suggest?
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    Need to make a few changes.

    Good day folks, at the grand old age of 33 it's time to make a few lifestyle changes, first of all I think it's time to give up alcohol I've been thinking about this for a while and I think the time has come, any advice on how to still have a social life without alcohol? Also I've realised that...
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    Forehead lines

    Evening folks, I'm 33 years old, I'm ageing not to bad but I have a fee forehead lines that are quite deep looking which I would like to try and improve, anyone know/used anything that actually helps with this? Thanks in advance andy
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    Need to up my game

    Good day folks, looking for advice regarding my social Game, the reason for this is for the last few years I have improved my fitness, finances and I know my smv has went up. The problem I am having as I just don't seem to meet a lot of women in my day to day life, I go to work which is male...
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    Best ways to increase energy as we get older?

    Im looking into this aswell, i have started taking a lot of vitamins daily, magnesium,zinc, vitamin d, vitamin c, ashwaghanda, horny goat weed, hard to say if it's increased energy levels but I have noticed I don't have many colds etc
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    Meeting people with the same mindset.

    Evening folks after hitting the grand age of 33 Im beginning to loose old friends due to them being whipped by there girlfriend/wife. All they do is work, and spend all there time with there nagging girlfriend/ wife it's hard to watch how miserable these guys have become, giving up there hobbies...
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    Cohabiting question

    Good day folks, I was speaking to a work mate today and he was telling me someone he knows was staying with his girlfriend, he was the home owner, paid most of the bills and bought most of the things for in the house, he got home one day and all the stuff in the house was gone and she had left...
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    Trying to get gf to take hint

    Good day folks, looking for some advice, basically I need to try and make my girlfriend get the hint that I'm not interested in sharing a house or having a joint bank account. I have told her it's not for me but I think she thinks I'm only kidding, anyone experienced this? Thanks andy
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    Products for thinning

    Good day folks, looking for advice regarding hair thinning at the front, what products are you using, has the results been positive? Any side effects with these products? I'm 33 hair really thick on the crown etc, so I'm doing ok but would like to try and keep my hair as long as possible, I...
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    Need help with second stage of old

    Good day folks looking for a bit of advice regarding online dating, this has been the theme since I started dwindling in old, my situation is I get on average 10 or more matches a day, but when it comes to actually meeting or hooking up with these matches this is where I struggle, any advice on...
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    Cleared it with the mods! A thread I’ve wanted to do for years. Post your real life picture let the community help fix your looks!(completely optiona)

    No you find once guys have been in the service for a while let themselves go, the initial physical test when u apply for the service is quite difficult a bleep test then carry equipment test, ladder test etc all in the same day
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    Cleared it with the mods! A thread I’ve wanted to do for years. Post your real life picture let the community help fix your looks!(completely optiona)

    I started training a few years before I joined the fire service, 4 times per week and eating 4000 calories a day I was thin back then 3 years later here I am it's all about gradual build up takes time.