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    Social Skills at Work - Requesting some insight

    So yesterday at work I was in a conversation with a couple of my co-workers, another dude and a woman, all around 23-25 age range. We were discussing the specifics of a product, and the other dude said it's price: "Oh it costs X," and such and such. I recalled that the price was actually...
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    A woman to be grateful of.

    For the record, reading LiveYourDream's posts, I never once felt or got the impression that they were offensive, contrived, or manipulative. Rather, LYD's posts seemed understanding of the complexity of the issue and were likely intended to discuss things without coming off as abrasive. They...
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    Topic: Composure

    It's important to clarify what you're saying RangerMike. Should a guy not work out, avoid developing himself and his passions, and let his social skills remain poor because "nothing you can actually do will make a woman like you"? Clearly, there's a lot any man can do to raise his value, social...
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    Topic: Composure

    Fantastic post cola, great insight. I've known myself to be what you call a 'Type A' for a while now, and my journey to improve with women has often had fighting against some of these worrying tendencies at its focus. I can get anxious about things, try to get everything right the first time...
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    Answer Her? Or nah?

    This is contrary to much of what others have advised you, but I personally don't believe in this kind of hard NC where you don't contact her even if she reaches out to you. True, you absolutely must withdraw your emotions from the interaction, but ignoring her attempts to reach out is, at least...
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    Does she like me and how can I ask her out?

    OP, yes, you should've asked her out/asked for her number - everyone in the thread has said this, and it's important to realize that, from square one, that was what you should do when a girl catches your fancy. A missed opportunity, but that's often the catalyst for growth. Perhaps, if you run...
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    A guy being "comfortable in his own skin", happy with himself, etc.

    @Grewd, I agree with your general philosophy, but you also have to be careful not to go to the other end of the spectrum (accommodating and believing in the 'ideal' woman). What @daddymonsterpoodle said is very much true, if a perhaps a tad extreme, but has an undeniable basis in fact...it's...
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    A guy being "comfortable in his own skin", happy with himself, etc.

    A very well thought out and reasoned response @Grewd. To add my two cents, the takeaway here is really that things are not black and white. Women can certainly be as @zinc4 has suggested, but that is not the case for all women, and I think that's important to realize. Women in general share a...
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    How would you respond to this?

    It would depend on her tone/body language as she's saying it (and of course how the interaction went up to that point). My first inclination is to think she's just joking - a little playfulness is something I look for in women! But she would have to be smiling/giggling, etc for me to really be...
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    Women are taking up Too Much of Your Time and You're a Loser.

    First off, I agree with the sentiment of this thread - being with women is not the end-all be-all for sure, there are other things you can and should focus on. However, I do have to add that having success with women is incredibly important for your overall well-being and life satisfaction. I...
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    How would you respond to this?

    Setting aside that we'd split up a while ago, if she did "next" me, then I'm even more interested in learning what I should've done better/how I could've responded when she reached out to me, which is the whole point of the post. I don't want to make the same mistakes in the future, Bible_Belt...
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    How would you respond to this?

    Your reasoning makes a ton of sense; I think you're exactly right El Payaso, I appreciate the insight. However, I still have to question whether straight-up ignoring someone who reaches out to you is the best thing to do, you and @Bible_Belt may be going a bit too far...I have a great deal of...
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    How would you respond to this?

    That could certainly be true. However, given how our last interaction went, and in general the kind of woman she is, I'm doubtful that she's just trying to get an orbiter. You mentioned that if a chick misses you, you'll know it...isn't this her reaching out and letting me know? She's currently...
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    Does your mom annoy you?

    In a way, it was good that you posted this, because we can give you some advice on the matter. Long story short, you will come to appreciate these moments, the time you get to spend with your mother. Your parents won't be around forever...cherish them while you are around them. It's difficult...
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    How would you respond to this?

    A girl I was with a while ago sent me this message: "But I am allowed to miss you?" The last time we spoke, I basically wished her well, but also said that there's not much point in us writing to each other as we used to. The question seemed odd to me...why would you need to ask permission? If...
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    After recognizing a mistake, how do I effectively enact change?

    Thanks for the advice everyone. This raises another question which I've had for a while - if an interaction doesn't go well, where (and to whom) do I attribute the need for change? How do I determine whether it was my mistake or hers that the conversation was dull? Sitting on either end of...
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    After recognizing a mistake, how do I effectively enact change?

    Today, I was at Starbucks doing some work. There was a girl sitting across from me, and I struck up a conversation with her. The interaction went alright, but during the exchange I asked a couple pretty mediocre questions, such as: Do you go to school nearby? Where are you from? How do you like...
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    All women are sluts

    I don't think that OP should seek out an LTR. In fact, I definitely agree with you in that @ChalengeGuyFan should take some time off from women, immerse himself in his work and hobbies, and then start talking to women again. I mentioned women's LTR potential because the current outlook in the...
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    All women are sluts

    @deesade, I agree that the OP needs to stop the hate. However, if he cannot ENJOY being around women, and HAVE FUN in their presence (and in the dating process), things will never really work out, and his dating life may be unfulfilling. If you do not believe you can be happy hanging around a...
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    All women are sluts

    All women will be 'sluts' and sexually proactive for men that turn them on...that's not something to hate them for. Nor is it reason for you to "treat them as objects to be used and discarded as needed." That's actually pretty messed up OP, you won't really be able to have healthy interactions...