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  1. Grounded eagle

    How was your sex life in high school?

    Lost my virginity at 17. To date she has the best pair of boobs I’ve ever sucked. She claimed I was the second guy she’d ever had sex with but I don’t know if I believe her.She ended up being a raging ho. I had quite a few girlfriends.Played a few.Ironically the one girl I had sex with was not...
  2. Grounded eagle

    What is a F**kboi?

    If attraction went down,then how would you be sleeping around? Players are players because women keep choosing them.
  3. Grounded eagle

    Should I continue talking to this girl?

    Were you talking to the girl in person or via text?How long ago did she leave her previous relationship?These details are important. If you haven’t even met her a few times it can be hard to judge how well sexual conversations are really going. It doesn’t bode well if she just recently left...
  4. Grounded eagle

    What is a F**kboi?

    ****boi is just a modern word to mean player.
  5. Grounded eagle

    A girl from the past popping up

    If I were you I’d avoid this girl like the plague. I can assure you that the issues,whatever they may have been,that led to your parting ways with her are still a factor.Especially considering it’s just been a little bit over a year. Suddenly you’re worth her time because she’s no longer in a...
  6. Grounded eagle

    My reaction to a flake

    Exclusivity of any kind should be off the table.
  7. Grounded eagle

    Spinning plates without catching feelings

    It’s not about not catching feelings,because those are part of being human.It’s about self control and not allowing them to blind you.They only become a problem if they blind you to a girl’s red flags,if you start tolerating disrespect because of them,if you can’t tell that she’s losing interest...
  8. Grounded eagle

    How do you deal with a woman who spin plates?

    All women to an extent spin plates.Treat her like you would any other.She’s not special.
  9. Grounded eagle

    Ex gf appears a year later after dumping me and now says she never stopped loving me

    You should have responded to this with,”Yeah.”
  10. Grounded eagle

    Ex gf appears a year later after dumping me and now says she never stopped loving me

    Lots of red flags here.Let’s see,it was a long distance relationship,lasted only six months and the guy she left you for was her ex,which means that for a possibly significant amount of time during your relationship she had him on her mind. This girl is playing games.What they are doesn’t...
  11. Grounded eagle

    FwB with an Ex?

    If you can keep your emotions out of it,and if you can avoid getting baited into a relationship with her,then go for it.
  12. Grounded eagle

    My reaction to a flake

    You made a mistake here.
  13. Grounded eagle

    Why would a woman ask if you are a player?

    A woman asking you if you are a player is a huge sign of interest.They ask because they’re intimidated by the stiff competition they believe they will face from other girls in being with you. They may also ask that if they’re feeling insecure about being used and discarded by you. The one...
  14. Grounded eagle

    The Virgin myth

    Most were submissive, but others were stubborn.But I think that had more to do with their natural dispositions than anything to do with their virginity. After they were devirgined,especially just after,they were hella clingy.Because sex was still the biggest of deals to them. I think an...
  15. Grounded eagle

    The Virgin myth

    That’s about the only thing that checks out.
  16. Grounded eagle

    The Virgin myth

    Makes you wonder about the intelligence of those who believe him.
  17. Grounded eagle

    The Virgin myth

    It’s true,virgins can be weird,but that’s mostly due to lack of experience.But you often find that behind that weirdness and arrogance is both a need to overcompensate for their naivety as well as raging curiosity. That said,I’d rather deal with an arrogant virgin than an arrogant...
  18. Grounded eagle

    Does anyone else find Friday nights draining?

    It probably feels draining because you go out without really wanting to go out.The number one reason everyone should have for going out is to have a good time, and it goes without saying that that’s impossible if you don’t want to go out in the first place. There are too many people going out...
  19. Grounded eagle

    Opinion on Andrew Tate

    This guy seems worth checking out. I like his style.