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    Saw A Woman Cold Approach A Guy Today

    last time I was cold approached was by a girl taller than me :rofl: She said she was 189cm, I'm 184cm.
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    Fear of Rejection? Understand what you are actually afraid of

    disagree. it's not about you. you can do 100 approaches and they'll all be different even if you do the same thing.
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    How was your sex life in high school?

    So inexistent that I learned to code instead
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    only fans but for guys

    You send d1ck pics to random women and they have to pay you to stop
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    Ex gf appears a year later after dumping me and now says she never stopped loving me

    Before you mentioned this I was leaning towards giving her a chance, but this is a little too manipulative. Take it slow, don't rush back into it, don't get her pregnant.
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    Don't be "gamey"

    What you describe could be "aloof/uninterested" game.
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    I don't believe in the American dream or any other country's equivalent. How do I get a fire under my ass?

    they're enabling your incompetence that leads to self-loathing.
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    Promiscuous women are disgusting

    ok, get over it and go outside
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    Women Now Have more choice than EVER before

    Yes they have more options, but 99.9% is also trash.
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    What the blackpill gets wrong. Hypergamy isnt as bad as we think.

    Why are you this forum? Do you think you might be gay?
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    What the blackpill gets wrong. Hypergamy isnt as bad as we think.

    Plenty of such societies living in mud huts. Go join them instead of devolving the west.
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    When your favorite girl loves attention on instagram

    How new is this? Has she posted you on her insta?
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    Kettlebell, is it worth it?

    Anything is fine as long as you use progressive overload. And yes, you will end up needing one or two 110lbs kettlebells at some point.
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    What the blackpill gets wrong. Hypergamy isnt as bad as we think.

    It's not pareto. It's more like 5%, not 20%.
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    Beta dude has hot young woman fall for him

    There is also a youtuber hb10 that married a retarded guy, so there is hope for this forum tbh.
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    What are your thoughts on posting pics from gym to SM?

    Every now and then I post a shirtless story and get some attention from that (not in the gym, usually outside, surfing, ice swimming, running in the snow, etc), but 99% of my posts/stories are interesting stuff. A certain type of girl reacts purely to thirst traps, and you'll always be out done...
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    New found technique? or have I been living under a rock?

    How many lays with that technique so far?
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    Should I go to a legal brothel to get more experience?

    You could try an older woman instead. They might be easier + will like to teach stuff. It's still real sex though, not a pay-to-win situation.