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  1. Woujo

    Incels, MGOTW, and the Epic of Gilgamesh

    Free, the Gods paid for it.
  2. Woujo

    Incels, MGOTW, and the Epic of Gilgamesh

    Many cultures have a myth where an uncivilized boy lives with the animals at one with nature and then becomes a civilized man after a life-changing encounter with a woman. In some myths he has an emotional or mental battle with the woman, sometimes he has sex with her, and sometimes he does...
  3. Woujo

    Question to guys in their 30s slaying/getting action.

    I'm 39, good looking and good at game. I get anywhere from 21 and up, but the easiest is obviously women my age.
  4. Woujo

    I'll make this quick...girl said I'm no longer part of her family

    OP you sound like a little *****: First: I was sick...didn't feel happy... anxious...i struggles with that from time to time. You missed a birthday because you were anxious? What is wrong with you? She dumped you because you were weak and emotional, not because you missed a birthday party. No...
  5. Woujo

    How to treat girls that frequently ask you for help?

    This is stupid. First, all women ask for favors so if you think every woman who asks you for something is "low trash" you are going to be doing a lot of jerking off. Second, if you think the only way to deal with **** tests is the silent treatment, you are a little child. All you need to do...
  6. Woujo

    The first chapter of the book I am writing - the alpha and beta emotions

    I am working on a book about seduction, and this is the beginning of the first chapter. Thoughts? -- To generate an attractive emotional experience for women, a man must display both what I call the alpha and beta personalities. The alpha male is fearless, confident, cold-hearted, unemotional...
  7. Woujo

    This guy's wife pays the bills while he plays Old School RuneScape

    This guy is a loser. Playing video games while your girl works is not something a man would do.
  8. Woujo

    How to treat girls that frequently ask you for help?

    There is a simple rule I call the "alpha male quid pro quo." You only do things for a woman who has done something to deserve it first. What did she do to deserve your help? Sounds like nothing. Also, texting a woman falls under this rule. What did she do to deserve you listening to her...
  9. Woujo

    Check out this ludicrous double standard

    If you're going to get upset over every dumb tweet any random **** sends out you are going to have a miserable live bro.
  10. Woujo

    What has your experience been with doing no contact with an ex?

    The best thing you can do with an ex is move on and don't look back. Here is why: If she dumped you, that means she does not really like you, and trying to get back with her just makes you look more and more weak and beta. When a woman is in a relationship, she tries to make it last as long as...
  11. Woujo

    Im starting to think the blackpill and redpill community brainwashed me. Most women will happily date someone below top 20%

    I don't know anything about Black Pill, but Red Pill never says women don't date losers. In fact, "women date losers to use and abuse them" is a core concept in Red Pill. You can be one of those losers if you want, but that life generally sucks because women treat you like ****, they cheat on...
  12. Woujo

    She blocked me everywhere, even my work number. Wasn’t this an overreaction? What did I do wrong?

    Move on bro. also, who ended the original relationship first?
  13. Woujo

    College Football High Draft Prospects benching themselves for their teams bowl games

    Are really stupid enough to believe that your chances of getting hurt are the same walking down the stairs as playing in a college bowl game?
  14. Woujo

    Who's now part of the mg t o w movement

    Eh, its probably not worth digging through the **** to find a few diamonds.
  15. Woujo

    The most important thing to a woman is a transcendent emotional experience

    I am working on a book about this, but here is a passage: Humans are also attracted to transcendence –the Hero of our ideal journey leaves the “ordinary world” and enters the supernatural world, where familiar laws and order do not apply and he is faced with novelty. Similarly, your emotional...
  16. Woujo

    Girlfriend broke up with me after I spent Christmas Day with my family.

    She looks like she was looking for an excuse to get out.
  17. Woujo

    I am about to lose it with being used.

    You should follow the alpha male quid pro quo - you do nothing for a woman until she has done something equally meaningful for you first. Coming to meet you on a date entitles her to one free drink. She gets another free drink if she is fun on the date. But that's it. If she doesn't offer to...
  18. Woujo

    Who's now part of the mg t o w movement

    MGOTW are losers. I can kind of understanding not wanting to get married, but completely cutting women out of your life is loser ****. You can easily have a stress-free, fun relationship with a woman if you don't act like a *****.
  19. Woujo

    I just got dumped last night

    It seems like a toxic relationship, and OP is kind of fault as well. You should have dumped her a while ago.
  20. Woujo

    The most important thing to a woman is a transcendent emotional experience

    The primary and strongest driver of womens’ attraction is their desire for transcendent emotional experiences. At a very high level, I define transcendence as “an adventure into the unknown to conquer a challenge and retrieve a valuable resource.” The thing women want most is to join a man...