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  1. 3agle 3yes

    Extroversion and Introversion misunderstood?

    This post is my own opinion, I'm not a psychologist...so don't take what I say as fact. Most of the problems I see guys suffering in here and in general when it comes to women is they are introverts and they either don't want to admit it or they don't know how to utilise it. Most of society...
  2. 3agle 3yes

    Rubicon Spring Advert in UK

    This advert isn't being broadcasted anymore and I've seen it many times before and I'm sure most from the UK has seen it, but has anyone else? I'd thought maybe this had been posted on here before but it I couldn't find it. This ad was shown all times of the day, and I had a "WTF?" when I...
  3. 3agle 3yes

    How to have BETTER sex

    First of all, I apologise for what happened in the last thread. I tried to explain the fact that some women realise how their brains work and others don't. I did it COMPLETELY wrong by trying to define women using words like "alpha". The most important thing a man must understand when it...
  4. 3agle 3yes

    The difference between Alpha and Beta FEMALES

    I came here this morning disappointed at some of the members of this forum. I'm not patronising anyone here, but at the age of 27 I've been around. And once you've been around you no longer care just about how a woman looks...you observe her BEHAVIOUR too. Many guys on here are...
  5. 3agle 3yes

    All girls are sluts

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrRgpJRAh5E I was just watching this video (it's about 50 mins). Now, I haven't been to the US (and therefore haven't been to L.A. or Vegas), but his line about how most hot girls have f*cked at least 40 guys, in my experience is BS. Funny thing is, he talks like...
  6. 3agle 3yes

    3agle 3yes: 3agle 3yes: The man's guide to having NATURAL sex

    3agle 3yes: The man's guide to having NATURAL sex First, I must warn you...I will post several times on this thread (each on a particular subject) and all posts will be LONG. However, I promise if you read it COMPLETELY and UNDERSTAND it, it will be WORTH THE TIME. Bear in mind too, it took me...
  7. 3agle 3yes

    Rant of the Day - I'm sick of pussies!

    I'm sick of pussies... I'm sick of pussies that workout and look good to attract girls.... I'm sick of pussies that learn techniques and or learn "game" because they want to be good with girls.... I'm sick of pussies who believe mating is in the domain of females.... I'm sick of pussies...
  8. 3agle 3yes

    Attraction and Interest are not the same thing

    Reading forums and blogs based on dating advice, I've realised a common misconception. Many people believe (perhaps unwittingly) that interest and attraction are the same thing. I have particularly seen this mistake with people who think you can't make a girl feel attracted to you (usually...
  9. 3agle 3yes

    A Tip for beginners about AA

    I have seen mentioned many times on PUA books or blogs that the average man is afraid of approaching women (AA or Approach Anxiety). This ISN'T true at all. They also say to remedy your AA you must approach, approach, approach...i.e. maybe even hundreds of women. Of course increasing your...
  10. 3agle 3yes

    What's the fascination with pornstars?

    I just googled an unspectacular pornstar (Gianna Michaels) that I've heard many guys say is very hot. To my astonishment I saw many threads on forums throughout the web about how hot hardcore pornstars are. Most are average at best, that's for sure, especially the ones I saw people using as...
  11. 3agle 3yes

    Roosh likes to ban people who have opinions

    Has anyone here been on Roosh v forum or visited his blog? If you have and agree with most of what he says then bear with me for a moment. If you haven't, Roosh is the kind of guy who travels to different countries (in the hope of founding "poosy paradise" i.e. some where he can get laid...