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  1. Woujo

    Incels, MGOTW, and the Epic of Gilgamesh

    Many cultures have a myth where an uncivilized boy lives with the animals at one with nature and then becomes a civilized man after a life-changing encounter with a woman. In some myths he has an emotional or mental battle with the woman, sometimes he has sex with her, and sometimes he does...
  2. Woujo

    The first chapter of the book I am writing - the alpha and beta emotions

    I am working on a book about seduction, and this is the beginning of the first chapter. Thoughts? -- To generate an attractive emotional experience for women, a man must display both what I call the alpha and beta personalities. The alpha male is fearless, confident, cold-hearted, unemotional...
  3. Woujo

    The most important thing to a woman is a transcendent emotional experience

    The primary and strongest driver of womens’ attraction is their desire for transcendent emotional experiences. At a very high level, I define transcendence as “an adventure into the unknown to conquer a challenge and retrieve a valuable resource.” The thing women want most is to join a man...
  4. Woujo

    The rational and emotional perspectives on life

    To understand how to build attraction with women, you need to understand the difference between what I call the “rational” and “emotional” perspectives on life. Most men fail with women because they approach conversations with women in the rational perspective when women want the emotional...
  5. Woujo

    The alpha male quid pro quo

    The most important rule when interacting with women is the alpha male quid pro quo, which basically says that you should only do things for women after they do something meaningfully equivalent for you FIRST. This goes for anything: texting, buying them things, paying them attention, meeting...