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  1. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Annoying things your married/relationship friends do to you

    1). I am constantly having sex with different women- They think that my apartment is just a constant revolving door for women when it's actually I might see 2-3 women at once and either decide to date one or refresh after one drops 2). I'm out at a club 3-4 nights a week- Idk I feel like...
  2. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are no more

    https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/kim-kardashian-and-pete-davidson-break-up-001733512.html I remember y’all guys giggling over them lol
  3. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Debunking the "Don't bring a Foreign Woman to the West" strategy

    I was going to leave it to @Zimbabwe Topic, but then I saw this brought up in two other random topics. As a guy that has dated plenty of first-generation & second-generation immigrants(Indian, Polish, Australian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Spain)/has multiple friends, I can assure you that this is...
  4. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Only GigaChads can get laid on OLD

    dang, I didn't know I was a GigaChad
  5. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    10 Reasons for how an ugly/average guy with a hot girl

    Also take note that you don't really see what's going on in the background with this men. You just see this average or ugly man with this gorgeous woman face value. You don't know if this guy is getting sex or not. I went to my friend's wedding and I found out that if they have honey moon sex...
  6. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Sex Quality in lopsided relationships

    So there's this hot girl that frequents my gym and she is always with this fat nerdy looking guy with glasses. I do not want to hate on the guy, but that's how I would describe him and the girl is definitely leagues above him in looks. Get mad at me, but I don't believe it's possible for game...
  7. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Opinion on Andrew Tate

    I'm starting to see this guy pop up a lot on Youtube now. Please let him be him on Youtube and don't try to mimic this guy in real life. This guy can get away with his behavior because he's rich and famous. THAT's If he acts like this behinds closed doors which is plausible lol. Other than...
  8. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    30 and still single

    I know my bio says I’m 27, but I’m actually 29. I had hope in my early twenties because I was told that my time will come and I wasn’t getting laid as much. Now, I’ve realized that I’m basically no different than the poster child toxic female the manosphere profits off of. I only have...
  9. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Discussion: You catch your GF/Wife texting another man at midnight

    She says he's just a friend and that's it. Do you do anything about it or just let it be?
  10. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Debunking Stupid Dating APP(OLD) Criticism

    I see OLD gets an unreasonable amount of hate and has been the low hanging fruit for criticism by the manoshpere/pill communities. It's not the perfect method out there, but I'm sick of seeing the bull shvt thrown at it TBH. 1). You have to be a Chad to have any sort of success on there. -...
  11. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    The blatant hypocrisy of Manosphere/Pill Influencers

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Rollo, but I’ll listen to a video on a topic that catches my ear. I listen to this video and within minutes, this guy is being a complete hypocrite. Rollo starts attacking marriage yet admitting he's in a happy, exceptional marriage. These influencers will feed...
  12. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    How to drop a plate with high interest in you

    I have a plate with high interest in me, that I'm just not interested in continuing the relationship because I need the free time and peace of mind to for self-development. I feel like most of the girls I've dumped and have been scarred for life, so I hate doing this lol.
  13. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Further proof looks and money are completely overblown by the manosphere

    I met with my friend today and she was talking about how she just had just given the "there's no spark rejection" to a guy she had previously met. Their first date was a first-class week-long trip to some Caribbean Island in an expensive resort 1.5k a night lol. She told me that she knew she...
  14. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Ranking girls based off their MBTI (Myers Briggs)

    I saw some interest in MBTI in the introvert topic and decided to make a topic about it. All I just want to say is that I KNOW THE TEST CAN BE INACCURATE! I go by the cognitive functions, not the letters which is the proper way to do it. The letters are moreso a book cover than the content in...
  15. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Why Alpha, Beta, and Sigma males are nothing but brainwashing sales tactics

    1). Real Alpha males end up imprisoned, executed, or Isolated from society not praised- An Alpha male is seen as an asset in a hunter-gatherer society, but a pot-stirring liability in a civilized modern society. Modern society values order & status quo, but your textbook Alpha Male does not...
  16. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    The Impact of Roe V Wade on Dating

    First!! This topic isn't about whether you agree with the decision or not. This is about how do you think this decision will impact dating for the foreseeable future. My Analysis: Women let Bad boys, Chads, and rich men have unprotected sex with them all of the time, so they are the most at...
  17. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    How do I get over the insecurity of talking to one girl

    I'm scared that if just talk to one girl then she's going to magically ghost me shortly. I ruined my last relationship because I got into it spinning multiple plates and I don't want to ruin my future relationships with this insecurity as well.
  18. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Fact or Bullshvt: Girls make certain guys wear condoms?

    If True, how do we know if the girl isn’t just being responsible or not? I’ve had girls not on the pill let me raw dog them lol. Is it a personal responsibility issue or nah?
  19. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    What is really the Friend Zone? The Zones every girl has for a guy.

    Many of us confuse the friend zone because of the internet and entertainment TV, but most guys aren't even in the friend zone, to be honest. To my best knowledge, I will classify the zones to where you stand with a woman in her head. These zones are also ranked from 1 to 8 as well. 1). The...
  20. Jake_Gyllenhaal69

    Anything I should know about dating a Latina Woman?

    Particularly from Mexico. My recent ex is Australian so I’m basically going from East to West. What should I be aware of and pointers please?