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  1. Chocolate Muffin

    Are marriage laws bad in anglosaxon countries only, or in western europe as well?

    I've seen countless of threads talking about how marriage laws in the usa / australia are way in the favor of women, that you should never marry there, etc. As a 34 years old french gentleman, I have not yet looked into french laws in details but I know that we have different types of...
  2. Chocolate Muffin

    best dating apps for quality

    Hey I'm in SEA currently and my value there is through the roof. Only annoying thing are masks, which means that running day game is not optimal. I'm focusing mostly on online game and I have had the time to try every single dating app to find out which apps are worth it. In the end, the only...
  3. Chocolate Muffin

    Tall women world map

    This is a world map of the big cities with tall women. I have found 6 zones where women are tall : - The 3 red zones are where it's mostly white women - The 3 orange zones have smaller women but still high enough for decent standards You can see here an example of why dating women at least 160...
  4. Chocolate Muffin

    Do you privilege hotness or inexperience in a woman?

    I had sex with a 19 years old chubby girl in SEA. I thought that the sex was really good, she was so horny and feminine, her face was youthful and just eager to enjoy the moment. The second time we met she told me she only had sex one time with a guy. It made totally sense to me because of the...
  5. Chocolate Muffin

    Optimizing the algorithms of Tinder / Bumble / Hinge : new method

    So I had not used dating apps for a while and I've noticed that compared to 5 years ago, they give me less matches, but my swipes are more "powerful" than 5 years ago. - 5 years ago : In a high-SMV country like in SEA countries, I used to get more likes than now. I also paid way less care about...