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  1. 3agle 3yes

    How to socialize with women if you have a weak frame?

    Assuming you‘re talking to young, attractive women, especially at a gym, it’s hard to talk “normal” with them while letting them know you’re not interested. Honestly, I don’t know why you don’t just ignore them until you can sort yourself out. Personally, I flirt with all women I see...
  2. 3agle 3yes

    This guy needs even more help than I do

    Don’t take this the wrong way OP, but a better question is why are you watching his videos? And it seems like you’ve watched a lot of them and have even done some research on him. Move on, don’t you have better things to do?
  3. 3agle 3yes

    I fcked up

    The real issue here is that you “over pursued and became a need ****”, not that she was a “pure canvas”, because that’s an illusion. I’m almost certain that she had problems that you glossed over or completely ignored. This scarcity mindset is the real reason why you’re fvcked up. Plenty of...
  4. 3agle 3yes

    Why "working on yourself" outside of game, on its own, isn't going to get you lots of women.

    Working on yourself is probably one of the best bits of advice you’ll hear. The problem is, most people just regurgitate it without actually knowing what is meant by it. As anyone who has worked in marketing and advertising would know, if it’s clear you want something from someone, you’ll repel...
  5. 3agle 3yes

    Surprised about all the introverts here?

    Personally, it annoys me when people talk about being an “ambivert”, it just means that they’re ashamed of being an introvert or are in self-denial. It also comes down to the fact that introversion and extraversion are both states where we are predominantly. So there are also times when you’re...
  6. 3agle 3yes

    Do you ever drop hints on a date to a woman that you have plenty of other options?

    The others here have great points, but honestly it’s a paradox. I can tell you must not have that much options, because if you really had options, you wouldn’t be asking this question as you wouldn’t care…and that’s the point. IMO the biggest sign for women that you have options is being able...
  7. 3agle 3yes

    Cold Approach - Never Realized How Hard This Would Be

    And there it is…the reason why you’re 0 for 2000, I’m 100% sure of this. If you’re indirect and you get laid most of the time, are you still a cuck? I assume most people here have heard of the Matthew Effect? Those who have get more and those who lack get less. Well IMO it starts with...
  8. 3agle 3yes

    Tried cold approaching in a nightclub last night. Advice needed.

    Like most things, success is 80% mental and 20% skill. How interested a woman is isn’t really relevant, stop looking out for it. Theres’s no such thing as rejection either, at least there doesn’t have to be. When I approach women I’m not trying to get them to like me, in fact, I’m not trying...
  9. 3agle 3yes

    The myth of women throwing themselves at tall, rich, ripped "Chads"

    Though I agree with most of this list OP, I think the most important factor in success comes down to action. Women on average are passive, even if they find you attractive, expect to do most of the work. At best they will make it easy for you to approach them. However, if you don’t know how to...
  10. 3agle 3yes

    Friendzone is a MYTH

    Yes, this. I couldn't find a way to explain it properly, which is unusual for me. The "friendzone" isn't about female friends, but it's a state in a relationship with a woman, where she doesn't see you as an attractive man but only as a "friend", and there's nothing you can do to change it...
  11. 3agle 3yes

    Friendzone is a MYTH

    I'm reviving this old thread because this is the first time I've seen it since I last posted. Do you know what a friend is? A friend is someone with whom you have a platonic relationship. There are plenty of people I don't hate or objectify that aren't my friends. Why make the assumption these...
  12. 3agle 3yes

    Is it normal not to want girls that like you

    This is normal. Average to okay looking women typically feel that they have to be a little bit more forward to get into a relationship with a man they like. The more attractive a woman is, the more options she has, and therefore she doesn’t need to be forward with you, even if she likes you...
  13. 3agle 3yes

    Friendzone is a MYTH

    I agree that you don’t have to bang every woman you interact with, and you can be friends. It even gives you access to more women (her friends). I think some of you guys are misunderstanding what a friend is. A friend is purely platonic, someone who she confides her relationships and...
  14. 3agle 3yes

    I need a comeback C&F line here

    Just use Velasco’s line, it’s the best one here. What you said to her was actually fine, always assume every woman you find attractive finds you attractive too and behave accordingly. Don’t be too focused on what you actually say, it doesn’t matter no where near as much as some people here...
  15. 3agle 3yes

    Calling Women Out vs. Silent Acceptance

    Why is this thread being revived? The first post was in 2015, I don’t even think OP is on this forum anymore. I’ve posted on this already, I’ve changed my opinion since then. Most of this can be avoided by simply giving her dates when you’re available instead of asking her when she’s available...
  16. 3agle 3yes

    I'm not handling things well

    I have a question for you OP, what are you doing that's actually having an impact on your life and the life of others? Going to the gym, fishing, yoga and dog sports are merely activities. The idle mind is the devil’s workshop. If you are putting so much attention on what your gf is doing, it...
  17. 3agle 3yes

    How much far do you go while teasing or poking fun at a girl? And is qualifying her while asking for her number needy?

    I agree with rjc149, but I think there's something you can learn here. It’s very unlikely for women to give out their number after having a conversation with someone on IG under normal circumstances. Most guys have a regular conversation with a woman, try to make her laugh and like him and then...
  18. 3agle 3yes

    Do girls lie when they describe what they want in a guy?

    As most have already said here they’re not lying. Lying implies you’re consciously not telling the truth. They’ll say what they think they want. We men do the same thing to, it's not just women. Typically, there's internal conflict going on the minds of many western women. They’re told by...
  19. 3agle 3yes

    Thin line between confident aggressive alpha male and a creep who is going too far too fast?

    Perhaps I didn't explain myself properly. Yes, telling her this is not date could sound like I want friendship or something. But it's also telling her I don’t want anything (sex) from her also. If a woman thinks she's on date she's more likely to flake, also, she’ll be in “courting mode”...
  20. 3agle 3yes

    How much far do you go while teasing or poking fun at a girl? And is qualifying her while asking for her number needy?

    Thinking about what you should’ve done or said, is approaching the problem from the wrong perspective. When it comes down to it, what you say or do doesn't matter that much. It's your mindset that matters most. Assume you're saying and doing the right things, don’t regret anything. That way...