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  1. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: When a Captain Save-a-Bro Mission "goes wrong...lol"

    Yo Troops, It's been a minute since I've visited the So Suave forum (as my own "One Man War" continues to be waged over @ my own site). However, lately I have been in a very nostalgic mood. I have MANY memories of the Golden Age of So Suave where myself and many, Many, MANY men used to come...
  2. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The Top Twelve New Year’s Resolutions That Every Man Should Make!

    Yo Troops, Quite a while ago, I did a broadcast called “The Top Twelve New Year’s Resolutions That Every Man Should Make”. On this show, I compiled a list of resolutions that my allies considered to be the most important to them. Here is the list and the link to the show where we expound on...
  3. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The Mix and Mingle Maneuver - How to get the Hot Chicks at the Party!

    From The Victory Unlimited Unlimited Show Mission #46 - Objective: Invasion of the Hot Chicks! Listener Question: How do you go about getting the hot chick at the party who KNOWS that she’s THE hot chick at the party? Victory Unlimited's Answer: The best way to get the hot chick at the party...
  4. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: Victory Unlimited gives Free eBook to the So Suave Soldiers!

    Yo Troops! I trust that today is a day that finds you well. As a So Suave Veteran for well over a Decade now, I wanted to say "Thank You" to all of you soldiers (past and present) who have fought with me in my war to help men become better men TODAY than they were yesterday! So as a way of...
  5. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The War Over Valentine's Day!

    Original post located here: http://victoryunlimitedshow.com/general/audio-intel-report-the-war-over-valentines-day/ The War Over Valentine's Day: What’s in it for Men? Today is the BIG day. Everywhere you go, all the advertising slogans that you’ve been hearing…all the “say it with...
  6. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The Flags of our Fathers!

    This article originally appeared at the link below: http://victoryunlimitedshow.com/general/the-flags-of-our-fathers/ The Flags of our Fathers Another Father’s Day is here! It’s been a whole year, but now it’s time once again for dads to get the appreciation, the recognition, and...
  7. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The Holiday Mission for Men!

    Well...the Holidays are HERE! For some of us, it’s a cause of celebration. But for too many of us it’s a time of depression---a time of mourning losses…heavy…HEAVY losses. For some of us, this time of year, this “season” is merely a reminder of better days----or a collection of days lived...
  8. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The Memorial Day Mission - How to destroy Strongholds of Low Self-Esteem!

    Yo Troops! I originally posted this "back @ headquarters" on my own site. But I thought I'd also post it here today in hopes that it would help some of my So Suave "Brothers in Arms". Much Respect to everyone over here. VU ------------------------------------------------- Memorial...
  9. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: Why most women who are TOO BUSY are TOO LAME for YOU!

    Yo Troops! Girls who are “too busy” to see you are just THAT. They are too busy to see “YOU”. Why I say this should be obvious to you: Do you think for a second if you were some famous celebrity, athlete, actor or whatever that she would STILL be too busy to get with you. I think NOT...
  10. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: What "is"...The PHOENIX CHICK???

    Yo Troops! Hope all is well on each of your respective "fronts" this day. This weekend, I was asked by a guy down here in the “dirty south” why it’s seems so HARD to connect with a woman WORTH connecting with. He was complaining about how despite all the improvements and personal...
  11. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The Victory Unlimited Show!!!

    Yo Troops! As I swiftly approach my 1,000th post on So Suave, I have taken some time to do some thinking. There are many things, many circumstances, and many forces aligned against us as men today. In an effort to “turn the tide” and reach more people with my own brand of positive...
  12. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The Quality Man Question!

    Yo Troops! SALUTE!:rockon: It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, because I’ve been away on maneuvers------some MORE exciting than others, but still my mission CONTINUES. So welcome to my shortest thread-----EVER. Much is said here, and on other forums about the rarity of “quality...
  13. Victory Unlimited

    Troop Alert: Dr. Phil EXPOSES well known Seduction Gurus today (04/11/08)!

    Yo Troops! Dr. Phil is at it again...he's supposedly going to expose AND WARN women against various seduction gurus like Mystery Method, Charisma Arts, Ross Jeffries and others... This is supposed be on TODAY. Here's a preview link: http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/1064/ We ALL know...
  14. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The Man Who Could Cheat Death!

    Objective: The Man Who Could Cheat Death! On a windy, rainy Sunday morning----the black-clad, heavily armed soldier known only as Victory Unlimited stands in the middle of a lonely, forgotten graveyard. He is surrounded by thousands of unkempt graves of AFCs (men that the world will only...
  15. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: THE LEGACY MISSION: How to save the CHILDREN!

    Objective: THE LEGACY MISSION: How to save the CHILDREN! <<<<< This a repost of Victory Unlimited's reflections on the experience of childhood, and also, a few observations of his on how the early influences of adults can leave a LASTING IMPACT. This was originally inspired by a War Room...
  16. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: SoSuave Pentagon Hearing: Dealing with ALTERNATIVE VIEWPOINTS!

    The SoSuave Pentagon Hearing on ALTERNATIVE VIEWPOINTS: <<<<<< While at a recent SoSuave Intelligence Meeting, presided over by Commander PENKITTEN, Interrogation officer IQQI, and Special Forces Operative LOVELY LADY-----The soldier known only as VICTORY UNLIMITED was asked to address all...
  17. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: Interpreting The Mature Man Charter!

    Yo Troops, This was originally in response to another post, but I felt the subject matter warranted a Thread all it's own------for visibility purposes: Interpreting The Mature Man Charter A War Room Meeting: Concerning the topics of Field Reports, Forum Rules, and the possibility of...
  18. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The New Recruit Briefing!

    The Victory Unlimited New Recruit Briefing: Consider the information you get here as WEAPONS for you to sample. Pick out a few, try them out, use them on a few FIELD MISSIONS, THEN decide whether or not THAT weapon is worthy to be added to YOUR arsenal. If not, then throw it away and yank...
  19. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: The Soul Mate/Quality Woman Peace Treaty!

    Objective: The Soul Mate/Quality Woman Peace Treaty! <<<< Strapped inside a Blackhawk Helicopter, the soldier known only as Victory Unlimited flies the winged workhorse through the rainy skies at death defying speeds------over an undisclosed location----on yet another secret mission...
  20. Victory Unlimited

    Objective: Actresses in the theater of WAR!

    BASIC TRAINING BRIEFING SESSION #1 Yo Troops! MOST women are lifelong actresses. They have been perfecting their "craft" since birth. They are skilled at saying one thing and meaning another. They are skilled at acting one way while FEELING another way entirely. Many do this as some...