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  1. 2Rocky

    Interesting interviews. Soft White Underbelly

    Many times people post here talking about personality disorders and people with certain characteristics being poor mates. Watch some of these interviews to see how and why they do what they do.... https://www.youtube.com/c/SoftWhiteUnderbelly
  2. 2Rocky

    12 bonk rule.....

    Sex mathematician Clio Cresswell's rule for how many partners you should have before you settle down.
  3. 2Rocky

    Who is the *******? Scheduling Conflict with owner and manager

    Scenario: Small Retail business Owner - works in day to day role as well . Posts Monthly Schedule at beginning of the month Manager - oversees daily operation but owner does scheduling Employees - report to manager Manager tells Owner in previous month they have an event next month and owner...
  4. 2Rocky

    Biggest age difference you have attracted and bedded repeatedly?

    I know how things can happen in the moment but I'm seriously curious how many 40 yo plus guys are getting things going with young women.
  5. 2Rocky

    Truth bomb...

    You guys and your younger women....
  6. 2Rocky

    Your Post Nut Clarity Moments

    inspired by :
  7. 2Rocky

    Know your Value......

    https://igotstandardsbro.com/ I opened it up to all ages , put in my height and income. I'll say it....I'm a catch.... doesn't even take into account my rugged good looks.....
  8. 2Rocky

    how to live like a king...

    How to live like a king for very little By THOR HARRIS 1. Don’t smoke cigarettes. 2. Drive old Japanese cars. Easy and cheap to fix & they run for ****ing ever. 3. Buy most of your groceries from the produce section. Most of that other **** is not actually food. You don’t need it. 4. Ride...
  9. 2Rocky

    DFPA, Agents

    Curious who folks designate for their Durable Financial Power of Attorney and Medical Directive Agent if they are not married. When do you think an LTR qualifies for that responsibility? Especially when your parents are elderly. Do you grant your Siblings that right? When do you think...
  10. 2Rocky

    Dominance - in the case of Horses...

    I find so many parallels between people who are good with animals and people who are good with people, particularly the ladies. I've noticed that good horse trainers are often quite the ladies man. I believe it is because they can read signals really well, and they apply dominance theory as...
  11. 2Rocky

    Advice for stepson in Army

    I have a bonus son who has a decision coming up to either reenlist or get out of the army. Airborne with 18 jumps, never been deployed and stationed in Alaska. Reenlisting for 3 years would likely get him a European assignment in Italy or Germany. He expresses some dismay he has not done a...
  12. 2Rocky

    Some advice from Anthony Hopkins

    This advice has been attributed to Anthony Hopkins: Let go of people who aren’t ready to love you yet! This is the hardest thing you’ll have to do in your life and it will also be the most important thing: stop giving your love to those who aren’t ready to love you yet. Stop hard conversations...
  13. 2Rocky

    What is your favorite part about SEX?

    (Besides The Orgasm)
  14. 2Rocky

    Favorite Weekend Getaways

    Beyond first dates and hookups at your place, there is a place in our dating repertoire for spending a weekend away with a woman. What are some of your favorites? One of my favorites was a time travelling for work I extended my stay through the weekend. Stayed in a hotel near, but not on the...
  15. 2Rocky

    Where is the balance?

    As a younger man, I wanted to be the guy who had the answers. The guy who "knows a guy", the guy who hears about opportunities first, The expert in my field. But in discussing boundaries when do I go from being an Authority to being the "Research *****"?
  16. 2Rocky

    Life Balance Charts

    I'm not a New Year Resolution guy, but I think every now and then I need to measure where I am against where I want to be. This looks like a good way to do that: Work/life balance can be measured in several dimensions; time dedicated, priority, success, energy levels etc. When...
  17. 2Rocky

    Trade offs

    * When choosing a woman who works, you have to accept that she can't handle the house. *If you have chosen a housewife who can take care of you and fully manage your household, you have to accept that she is not earning money. * If you choose an obedient woman, you must accept that she depends...
  18. 2Rocky

    Cringy video of seduction fails

    Keep it under 30 Seconds. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CWrE0nkJwQX/
  19. 2Rocky

    Words from a guy with a younger wife

    So I have a 64 year old friend. Pretty charming, intelligent, fun guy to be around, but has declined in his attractiveness, and had some health scares. Just got divorced for the 4th time. Honest to God he was married to a woman 20 years younger than him for 16 years or more....And he said...