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    Hurricane Gustav

    Hurricane Gustav, Aug 31 Let's hope they repaired the levee's enough after Katrina! Apparently this storm will be much bigger-on the order of 2/3 more intense-though I suppose in 24 hours we'll know for certain. Katrina was a cat 3 hurricane, and this is forecasted to be a cat 5 superstorm or a...
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    The Sad Reality

    For those of you older Juans or those with kids, I'm sure you could relate to this article: Suspicious minds make being a man no longer child's play One would feel sorry for the children, to be denied innocent experience with adults. These days we're raising a generation of cold, emotionless...
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    If you could have any job in the world...

    What is your dream profession? Tell us what it is and why you would like it.
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    Polygamist Ranch story

    What are your thoughts on this? Here's the story It's ongoing, and all over CNN. I rarely watch TV and haven't been able to read the paper in a week or so, so only found out about this at lunch today. I think it's pretty disturbing and a classic example of sexually frustrated beta males...
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    Static training - 3 minute workout

    Static training Can you guys tell me whether this has any credibility? I know static training is useful, but this guy is advocating ONLY doing it. I'm watching a video right now about it, I'll try to get a link of the video as well. edit - aight, I couldn't get the full video, but...
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    What REALLY gets you going?

    What in life really makes you mad? Not just a little annoyed... I mean... MAD!
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    If you had a million dollars...

    What would you do with it? How would you spend it? Would you save it? Blow it in the brothels? Play Humanitarian until it ran out? Invest it? Burn it in a monk-like ceremony?
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    Center of the Party

    I'm having trouble with a certain aspect of my party game. Right now, I'm half decent at becoming the center of the party, amoging, teasing, flirting, etc. Basically I've got that down, at least to a level that I'm satisfied with for now. My problems come when, as the center of the...
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    Silly question

    Does thinking hard burn calories? I took a $250 IQ test a couple weeks ago, and it was an hour and a half long. After the test, my head hurt and my whole body felt weary just as if I had gone for a 30 minute jog. I know that the brain is the most energy-consuming part of the body, could we...
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    Do any of you guys have a day once in awhile where you don't eat anything and only drink water? I do this once a month, and I go all out. The last saturday of the month I essentially cut out all food(chewing gum excepted) and load up on water/green tea. On top of that, I use some...
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    Recovery from saying something stupid

    Hey I find in small social gatherings(5-10 people), my energy levels shoot down and I mentally switch off, so to speak. However I still try to be social so I don't get the old "What's wrong with you tonight" or "Are you okay?". The problem is, when I'm social during these times, I tend to say...
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    Preparing meals

    Yo How do you guys prepare your meals? When eating 6-8 meals a day, of clean homemade food, you either have to live in the kitchen, or prepare food ahead of time. Do any of you cook meals a week in advance? I'm always hesitant to cook chicken/eggs/vegetables days ahead because it tends to...
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    What are your fatal flaws?

    I was hangin out with some friends today, and they got around to talking about their problems... these people that I thought were perfect and that I even envy sometimes, whether it be their looks or their high-energy personality, it seems that for each person there is one major thing holding...
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    Do not pass Go, go directly to LJBF.

    One of my friends--afc--has been 'gaming' a girl for the last few months, has told me about how "perfect" she is and all that gibberish. Anyways, we're chillin tonight and she sends him an email. He laps it up like a puppy would warm milk. He looks over at me and smiles, saying "Haha, i've...
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    Egg yolks & cholesterol

    Yeah so my dad came around for the first time in awhile. I was talking to him about my new diet/lifestyle and told him I eat 6 whole eggs a day for breakfast. As soon as i said it he was sort of shocked and told me that that was way too much, because of the cholesterol in the egg yolks...
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    Measure of a Man

    How would you describe a true man, what qualities both internal and external would he have? In Pook's posts, he always talks about being a "Man" and to embrace you "Masculinity". If you were to document the life of somebody, how would you decide whether they are a true man or not...
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    How big are your biceps?

    http://www.jonco48.com/blog/Bodybuilding_20gone_20wrong.jpg Eat meat + Lift iron = Popeye
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    Getting out of a slump

    Hey, I'm in abit of a funk right now... Life just got turned upside down this week for me, and its affecting everything I do.. Do you guys just target the problems and focus on improving them, focus on something else until your confidence comes back, or just weather the storm? Its just...
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    Sosuave chat room

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    Work Ethic and Study

    So basically I have terrible work ethic. I've been working on it for several months now but I still leave class-related work until the last minute(or later). I procrastinate way too much, I'm aware of that. It only happens in some areas of my life though. For instance, I go to the gym every...