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    Why not me

    Bottom line. He is higher up on her scorebord than you are.
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Could be narcissists behaviour could be she is aware of her narcissistic behaviour could be someone had called her one before. She could have responded because they have increadibly fragil ego's and they do want to drag you into their drama to get their narcissistic supply, but in this case you...
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    What's Her Interest Level? Confused.

    Give it a week of space then ask her out again. The next day may have seemed a bit thirsty to her. After a week ask her out again if she acts distant again i think you have your answer.
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    No offence taken. I agree you don't want to date a dead beat mother that is Huge red flag. I 100% agree. Your kids rely on you they need you and being a proper parent they should be their first priority, but a woman can be a wonderful mother who loves and provides for and nurtures her kids AND...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    This is why i am a firm believer in you give a girl 1 chance. One. If she blows that chance she is history. Remember you are GIVING HER A CHANCE TO BE WITH YOU. You are the prize not her. When you give them multiple chances you are teaching them to disrespect you. Bottom line, you are...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Thanks for more background, you said a magic sentence in there that told me everything i needed to know. "I was the lowest priority." This tells me the relationship meant nothing to her. So when someone makes you their lowest priority, they become your lowest priority. You are now too...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    She broke up with you to go after or be with another guy. That didn't work out and now she is dropping bread crumbs to see if she can get some validation and free attention. She may regret breaking up with you but actions have consequences. I don't buy the BS about the pill being the problem...
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    What should i do about my wife?

    She showed her true colours and there is nothing redeming about her at all. Kick her out. If you have to take your son and leave. She already abandonded him(and you) once, she will do it again. it is Better for your son to see a father who stands up for his convictions and morals and walks away...
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    Girls in Israel

    Tel Aviv is more your modern city with night life and party life, where Jerusalem is more your historical religious city.
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    After almost a year of NC, my ex sent me a text

    Blocking her was 100% the right move. I usually say ignore all texts from ex's because even answering them with " hi " or " " hey what's up " shows them ( even if it isn't true ) that you still care about them. They get validated and their ego boosted. That being said guys still do feel the need...
  11. D

    Ungrateful meltdown - I'm fed up now

    "What started out good has now become stressful and pressurised.' This says everything. You were enjoying the fake her in the beginning and now she is letting the real her out and it is in your words it is stressful and preassurised. Sounds like you and her are at different places in the...
  12. D

    Married woman who has been cheating for 4 years

    She is justifing her poor behaviour. She thinks she deserved secutiy even after admitting she never loved her husband. She thinks she deserved security after using her husband. She thinks she deserved security after cheating on him and betraying his trust, betraying the security he gave her and...
  13. D

    Married woman who has been cheating for 4 years

    Typical garbage quality user. Used her husband for his fiances and his sperm. Will most likely divorce rape him soon even though she left and do the same to the next idiot that comes along that will actually commit to her. 11 year younger guy could be in for a nasty ride. You would be foolish...
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    article: I slept with my date for the first time and he dumped me because of my body

    What he did was role reversal. He did what chicks have been doing for 2000 years. He found a better option and made up reason to let her go. She did what most women do. Responded to rejection very poorly. Easy solution for her would be to say "if that is the only reason then ill shave them."...
  15. D

    She just wont let go..

    Focus on this.
  16. D

    Do any of you have female friends like this?

    If she is playing head games then she is not your friend. She doesn't want your friendship. She wants an orbiter.
  17. D

    She just wont let go..

    She stabbed you in the back twice. Why pass her the knive so she can do it a third time. Don't waste your time on her.
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    Why do women get angry when they find you attractive but you don’t make a move?

    They take it as rejection and we all know most women can't handle rejection like an adult.
  19. D

    This is why you don't let chicks lead

    She is basically asking the readers, how to keep him as an orbiter and plan b or c, so if a better brach comes along she can grab that and swing on it, all while making sure he stays loyal. Dude needs to next.