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  1. bat soup

    Women and their filters

    Has anyone else been tricked into meeting up with butt-ugly women? I remember one girl who looked like a 10 in her photos but was a 4 in person. Face covered in blemishes, jagged teeth etc. I just couldn't believe it was the same person, but when I looked back at her photos I realized it was...
  2. bat soup

    Most stupid things said by PUAs

    What is the most stupid thing you have ever seen or heard a PUA saying? For me, the dumbest thing was when RooshV said that "rape should be made legal if done indoors" or something to that effect and then spent the rest of his life hiding from green-haired feminists.
  3. bat soup

    The one drug that we're all addicted to

    Pleasure We're all addicted to it. It's just that we each get our fix in different ways
  4. bat soup

    Have any of you guys fallen for this?

    I think I've seen quite a few of these on dating sites in different countries around the world, although I never took them seriously. If you see a pretty Chinese girl on a dating site, watch out.
  5. bat soup

    Don't let women lead

    Don't let women lead If you let your gf/wife lead, she'll totally f up your life and then tell you it's your fault for letting her. Women don't take responsibility and they don't want to. Letting a woman lead is like a parent letting a child tell them what to do. Guaranteed disaster for both...
  6. bat soup

    46 and desperate

    https://m.independent.ie/life/health-wellbeing/ask-allison-im-46-and-ive-started-dating-again-after-20-years-of-marriage-i-am-starting-to-feel-desperate-can-you-help-41070671.html What would you reply to this woman?
  7. bat soup

    Reframing Rejection

    The feeling of rejection is painful and in order to avoid it, it's understandable that guys try to avoid it. It's perfectly normal for a human being to avoid pain and seek pleasure. However, avoiding rejection leads to missing out on a lot of potential opportunities. So I think if you have...
  8. bat soup


    I thought this warranted its own thread, because proximity is the number 1 indicator of interest from a woman and guys are often oblivious to it. It can indicate both interest or disinterest - how close a girl places herself to you tells you a lot. I'll give a few examples to illustrate the...
  9. bat soup

    Epic Friendzone Stories

    I found this one and I just couldn't believe it: There was a girl in my class. We were so into each other all the time that entire school thought we had a thing going. She was single, I was into some other girl who continuously ignored me. One day after school, I saw a boy following my friend...
  10. bat soup

    Bait and Switch

    I was just reading a guide to getting laid in different countries around the world. Somehow, halfway through the article "getting laid" gets twisted into "partying" i.e. spending time waiting in lines out in the cold at 2am and paying to go into crowded rooms where they sell expensive drinks...
  11. bat soup

    What is the ugliest characteristic that women have?

    For me it's arrogance. I can't stand arrogant women.
  12. bat soup

    "I don´t feel comfortable"

    Good, I´m happy that you don´t feel comfortable wasting my time. Bye!
  13. bat soup

    Bad Dating Advice

    13 Love Experts Share The Dating Advice You Should Never Listen To "Don't Text Back Right Away" ... "It Will Happen When You Least Expect It" ... Age Is The Same Thing As Maturity. ... "Act Like You Don't Care" ... "Be Your Best Self" ... "Lying In Your Online Dating Profile Is OK" ... "Someone...
  14. bat soup

    Instragram Scammers

    I thought this was pretty interesting. It's a good example of how women can monetize their armies of orbiters and simps: How These Instagram Models Trick Their Simp Followers - YouTube
  15. bat soup

    How women block escalation

    I thought it would be useful to create a thread on how women block escalation. Sometimes they are very subtle and do it in ways that the average guy doesn't notice, which can lead to a lot of wasted time because the men don't catch on and realise that she's actually doing these things...
  16. bat soup

    Picking up waitresses

    I was wondering if any of you guys have some good techniques for transitioning from talking to someone in a professional setting to getting a bit more personal. What I'm thinking is something like making an observations such as "I like your eyes" or some other minor compliment. Another idea...
  17. bat soup

    You will catch Covid

    Unfortunately it seems that the herd immunity strategy is not going to work. At some point, everyone is going to catch Covid. The only choice you have is how protected you will be when that moment arrives.
  18. bat soup

    Fresh and Fit Cat Fight

    How many of you guys have been enjoying the drama with Fresh and Fit? Personally, I find it hilarious. Here you have a couple of guys with very little real experience that are basically talking a bunch of BS and calling themselves "alpha males" because they are brave enough scream at halfwit...
  19. bat soup

    The importance of Proximity

    One thing that I've noticed over the last few years: When a woman likes you, she'll come close to you. If she doesn't, she'll keep her distance. This is often done very subtly, so that you won't notice unless you're very observant and specifically looking out for it. For example, a woman could...
  20. bat soup

    Is social media tearing society apart?

    This guy helped to create Facebook. Now he says that he never uses it and he thinks that it's destroying society. I personally have pretty much completely stopped using Fakebook. I don't post there anymore and I don't look at stories. But I think that there are other apps like Instagram that...