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    How to become a politician?

    Context, not trying to become a legitimate politician. I'd like to learn the skills and mindset necessary to drum up support. I'm working on becoming a validator in a crypto project and would like for the community to nominate me. I haven't yet contributed anything to this crypto project but I...
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    AAAgent's Crypto Journey

    Fellas, get ready for sleepless nights, and $$$ flowing in (I hope). This is going to be my own personal blog of how i'm progressing in the crypto space. A lot of information i've already provided in BlueAlpha's original cryptocurrency thread below but I'll try to be a bit more concise and...
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    Starting you own Business "The Journal" 2

    For anyone who has posted in the previous thread, here it is. It's also a good reference point for people to see how I have progressed and learned from past mistakes. http://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/starting-you-own-business-the-journal.190037/ I've tried many businesses and ideas. Oh...
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    E-commerce, flipping websites, forums, and digital marketing

    So I've been in digital marketing for about 7 months now and I run the sales department. Learning slowly about paid search (those sponsored ads on top of google search engine), display banners (those banner ads on the side of web pages you visit), and affiliate marketing (commission based sales...
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    AAAgent poker run it up log! $50 to $10k by April

    I've recently been watching JCarverpoker on twitch.tv and he's motivated me to start playing poker again. I started off pretty decent with all the noobs winning tournaments against all my friends but as some people progressed, i didn't learn how to bet properly to keep people out of the pot. I...
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    Cannot get through to my washed up dad, MM advice?

    So my dad is getting worse and worse as he gets older and no one can reason with him anymore. Everytime someone says something negative about him he tells us we don't understand and we don't have real experience. People that are pharmacist don't know anything and wouldn't make it in the REAL...
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    Job is too stressful but I'm ambitious

    So i've been at my job for about 3 months and am apparently the poster boy for all the new hires in my role. I'm in FX sales. since my role is new within the company, they decided to modle all the performance figures for everyone in the role after my performance figures. I've also been the only...
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    Anyone into Forex?

    I just started FX Sales at a retail FX firm. They have me cold calling on my 3rd day already (with no training) i i have no knowledge of the industry. been pulling all nighters with reading material. Now working on building company lists and documenting all this stuff. Any info would be...
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    V-Day date/hook-up

    So last night i go out with a mutual friend to drink. I just got a new job so i wanted to party and my friend just got dumped by her bf so she wanted to drink. I end up making out with her all night and almost took her home until our other girlfriend c0ckblocked me. Anyways we get to talking...
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    New book to overthrow Hunger Games

    Red Rising http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15839976-red-rising http://www.amazon.com/Red-Rising-The-Trilogy/dp/0345539788 http://redrisingbook.com/excerpt.php I bought and read this book the first day it came out by coincidence. This is an amazing, action packed, and easy to read...
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    Case Study in interview

    Have any members here gone on an interview and were asked to answer a case study. I don't really remember much about case studies but i remember they were long thought out answers that usually took a few days/weeks to answer. How are they expecting you to answer this in an hour or two during an...
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    AAAgent's landing a job "The Journal"

    In conjunction with my business journal, I want to start a "landing a job" journal. I know this would have been extremely helpful when i was applying for jobs straight out of college. This is for myself to document what i did right and wrong and also for others to view my progress and the steps...
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    To the men who work in major cities/metro areas

    This is to the guys who have moved to places like Chicago, London, New York, etc. Not to the people that were born and raised there. Has the city made you a colder, meaner, and more ruthless person? I've always been told i'm a nice guy that's polite and well mannered. My friends think i'm...
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    I hate corporate politics

    Title says it all. Long week for me and dealing with this corporate politics bull**** is driving me insane. I grew up literally fighting for what i believed in and standing up for what i believe in (always tried to do what i believed was right and fair). Teachers (the ones who used to treat the...
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    I started my own business and i think my friends might be jealous or resentful

    So i've been working on my business for about half a year now. I finally recruited everyone to be able to as a business, start to progress further and move one step closer to creating and product and generate revenue. A lot of work has been put in on my end and although in perspective, we really...
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    Being enlightened by coming out of the matrix or being shellshocked

    I've noticed 2 types of scenarios for most people on this forum and perhaps it may even be true for the majority of men in a general format. Most guys that go through bad experiences with women learn from their mistakes and seem to get a better grasp on how to handle women and after reading...
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    How to handle chicks that approach you?

    I went to the club last night and had the hottest latina chick hit on me. hb9 or better. Beautiful t1ts, a$$, decent height and light complexion. I have girls hit on me on occasion but none this hot and most of them don't have the balls to come on that hard. She came up and tried to get me to...
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    How to get her number log (SS, it's time to contribute)

    My fellow SS'ers, there have been many posts in the pasts about how to approach women and number close. Many people here have tried multiple different ways in number closing which have resulted in many successful and even many more unsuccessful attempts. So for all those newbies out there or...
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    AAAgent's approach journal

    I decided to make a second journal that's less cluttered from random information from my past journal. MY past journal does document some of my approaches and you can pretty much see that i'm all over the place. Sometimes I would be super shy/scared, other times i would be bold. I even recently...
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    Own a large nightclub but want to increase revenue

    So my family owns a really large private venue/club in Philadelphia. Currently, we've leased the business out to a new owner who isn't doing too swell and we're in the process of taking the club back. We are a private venue that hosts weddings, birthday party's, mexican band nights, hip hop...