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    Is taking a break ok or weak.

    Week four out of a 2.5 year BPD relationship, everything is bland. When my marriage ended (13 years) I had this real drive and hunger to hit the single scene and take as many woman as I could but this time I just cant seem to get into it. Ive resigned myself to just focusing on myself for a...
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    Im back baby!

    Haha well sort of, had my first date since my LTR ended two weeks ago. She drove me home this morning, boom! Feels like the spell has lifted somewhat which is massive relief. She happens to work right next to where I live so that's convenient, question is do I message her or wait. I wanna say...
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    Woman desire men for there resources........

    So a common trope is that woman seek men who have there **** together, "make bank" etc. I recently just ended a hectic BPD relationship which by its nature denied any potential for moving in together (not sure if I would these days anyway), marriage or god forbid children together. That being...
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    Once the respect is gone is there any way to get it back?

    So my BPD LTR ended today, posted about it last year and ended up staying with her for another year. I rationalised it by assuming her out of control behaviour was just typical woman stuff and the sex was great, probably the best Ive had so that kept me going. So normal behaviour for her is...
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    When to text after first date.

    So had a date last night and it went well. Kiss goodnight and I get a message "home safe". This morning I text "had a great time last night, hope you enjoyed yourself" She writes back "I did!" So now Im stuck, do I wait a few days or keep the convo going? Wait for her to tell me when shes...
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    Just got dumped by a 10/10 borderline and Im ready to redpill

    Man I feel low. So some backstory first relationship was 5 years ended in her cheating and leaving with a guy from work. Second was a 16 year marriage ended in her having a affair and leaving me for a cop, third was a girl who spun plates (I was one, though the "priority") even though should...