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    How many introverts are here?

    That‘s me. I love going out on the weekend or meet the boys on a weekday for some beers, but after that, I need some time alone. I‘m very social and often the last one who leaves, but I enjoy being alone to recharge and get things done.
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    Where are the women?

    I live in south-west Germany. Lots of wine festivals and outdoor events right now, where are plenty of beautyful women. Gym, Dojo, musicevents same as for you…
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    Has being bald changed your game?

    I started thinning out at 16-19 I think. Kept my hair always short till I was about 27. When I started cutting a buzzcut with 3mm, my hair were so thin, I had no other option left. At someday I cut down as short as the trimmer was able to. Since easter this year I shave my head wet. The shorter...
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    How many women have you slept with in your whole life?

    I‘m 35, had three serious LTRs and in all about 30 women. The last two years I stay completely away from ONS. It‘s just not for me. I agree with @TheManMasenko and @Jake_Gyllenhaal69. Laycount is completely irrelevant and quality over quantity… I am staying away from ONS since late 2019. It‘s...
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    I'll make this quick...girl said I'm no longer part of her family

    You didn't feel well and got this reaction? Well, I don't think you lost something.
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    “I Want a Boyfriend”

    The only women I saw without the relationship talk were the ones, I only saw ocasionally because they didn‘t live in my area or the ones who only contacted me every few weeks or months on their own. Everything elese ended in „When do we get official?“. So in my experience you‘re just right
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    Is it hard to move out of a house once you break up with someone?

    I moved out in a week and rented a pension because I couldn‘t find a flat this quick. I would say it depends on the situation and the ex. I just needed to gtfo.
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    Anyone here from Russia?

    This situation was provoked over many years. What happens in the Ukraine right now is horrible. Russia and the Ukraine should have been sanctioned long time ago, but what happened in Donbass and on the crimea isle was tolerated by our governments in the west till it was too late. This conflict...
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    Anyone here from Russia?

    Most yes, but sadly many others can‘t. A friend of mine here in germany is russian, his kids are getting already bullied in school. The hype and hysteria the western media is producing again, while ignoring important facts and spreading misinformation is just disgusting.
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    Rant: Getting So Tired Of OLD Lately. WTF.

    It‘s not the photos, these apps have algorythms to shadowban you for getting you to pay. Everytime I sign up on Tinder, I have plenty of matches and likes. After a while it stagnates. Girls who liked you are only shown when you ran out of likes and their profiles disappear, when you can like...
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    C.S. Lewis on Building Men with Chests

    I heard it yesterday on a long drive. There was an article about the topic on the website months ago when I remember correctly. The article is from 2018 https://www.artofmanliness.com/character/manly-lessons/men-without-chests/
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    hurt bicep - any suggestions

    Then take it slow for now. If the pain spreads to the joints your tendons are inflamed or your muscle is really tight from being overworked. I‘ve once overdone bicepstraining, too and I couldn‘t even hold my arms straight anymore because the biceps literally pulled back from being to tight. I...
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    Get mad because I didnt answered her (attention) properly

    Ok, now I can relate. I tend to go after extroverted girls, because they are much more fun at first, but they often turn out crazy. Did you make the same experiences?
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    hurt bicep - any suggestions

    Does the pain spread into your shoulder or into your elbow?
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    Get mad because I didnt answered her (attention) properly

    I can somehow understand your point, but not really relate. My best relationships were the ones that went smooth. Getting rid of a woman, that demands constant attention and creates drama when she doesn't get it, or when you not behave the way she wants you to, is not really a loss for me.
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    Get mad because I didnt answered her (attention) properly

    For me, I end a relationship when it‘s destroying my inner peace. I also start to lose focus on the important things like work. A relationship should never make you worse. But I tend to stay longer than I should and try to work things out...
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    Get mad because I didnt answered her (attention) properly

    I‘ve made that experience. She wanted to communicate constantly over IM. I don‘t do that, I‘ve no time for being on the phone constantly. I explained it to her, that I don’t forget her, if I don‘t text right away. She blew up every 2-3 weeks. By time it was totally predictive, when she would...
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    Gray hair: keep or dye?

    Same for me. I like my look with the shaved head and beard. Since I‘m shaving the silverdome more women are showing intrest than ever before. If a few grey hairs are a no go… well, I couldn’t care less
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    They will punish you for treating them well. They cant help it

    That's a point. I have never experienced something like that I think. I didn't want to pull your words out of context.
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    They will punish you for treating them well. They cant help it

    This was a response to another member. But besides, why should I go low to meet someone at their level who doesn't meet my standards?