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    I'm Breaking Married Women's Hearts...

    I've written before about how difficult it is for older women to pair bond. However, I neglected to mention that younger women are now starting to have severe problems pair bonding also. Just about every single younger attractive married woman I meet wants to cheat on her husband with me...
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    DataSheet Request: Chi-Town!

    Who has some good intel on Chicago? I've visited multiple times, always on business. I rarely set foot outside of the hotels, aside from trips on the rail. On the occasional trips I ventured out whether for extended walks or to try out various restauarnts, I didn't notice any concentration of...
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    Observations on Phoenix's Scene

    This forum is getting serious. This is some highly detailed, fine grained analysis. My main suggestion though is to try to get a bit more of the positives for each city. I think we are more likely to achieve this balance when multiple residents/visitors chime in. Otherwise, it reads a lot like...
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    Los Angeles: Overrated or Still PUA Hot Spot??

    LA used to be a hotbed of pickup artistry and activity. But that was a long time ago. The peak of pickup activity was in the 2000's and early to mid 2010's, ranging from the publication of "The Game" to the shuttering of RSD's forum. The industry, or movement, or whatever it was, had legs...
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    S.F. Is So Heavily Criticized, It's Now Underrated

    I am definitely sympathetic to the more critical comments about the bay area, SF in particular. The issue of crime is something that definitely needs to be mentioned, the homeless, graffiti, feces, the smell of urine, the parking problems, are all awful. I doubt they've gotten better in the past...
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    S.F. Is So Heavily Criticized, It's Now Underrated

    S.F. has gotten such a bad rap that the criticisms drown out one basic fact: S.F. is a HUGE city with tons of bars, clubs, concerts, endless social events, and a significant concentration of hot, single women. Let's get the main negatives out of the way; 1. it IS true that there is a huge...
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    Is the trans agenda a threat to civilization?

    I was reluctant to post this but it is a good indication of how close they are getting to the real thing. This person could alter their voice pretty easily, but SI is for whatever reason keen on letting you know what you're being lured into:
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    The Older the Woman, the More Difficulty She Has Pair Bonding

    @SW15, the manosphere's memes and assumptions about oversexed coeds and 20 somethings indulging non stop in chads is dubious at best. I won't go into a lot of detail, but the reasons should be obvious 1. '20 to '22 happened. Everyone was avoiding everyone. Those dating settled into LTR's for a...
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    The Older the Woman, the More Difficulty She Has Pair Bonding

    It would be more accurate to say that the more relationship experience a woman has had, the more difficulty she will have pair bonding. However, since women often will not give you an honest indication of how "experienced" she is, age is just as reliable, if not more so. Breakups are very...
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    How Often Are You Approached/Stared At/Receive IOI's?

    What does AO mean? I doubt you guys have never been approached. You were approached in inocuous ways, like 'gotta light?' or a girl asking for directions, etc. It may not have been super obvious, like the latinas ostensibly videoing the dancing but mainly to video me directly in front of their...
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    How Often Are You Approached/Stared At/Receive IOI's?

    During the past couple of years, I found women crawled into a shell, and were very afraid to express interest. Most were wearing those stupid masks, so you couldn't even read their expressions even if you wanted to. With each "opening" or "reopening" of society, women have become more and more...
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    Girl Proximity Approaches, It Goes Nowhere!

    Come to think of it, there were a couple of semi-cute "latinas" who walked up and started videoing but I was standing right in front of them. So they weren't actually videoing the dancing, they were recording me. I just stepped out of frame since I hate being recorded in public. Women are...
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    harridan: I’m 56 years old. Damn straight I’m wearing a bikini this summer.

    I thought this was gonna be a garbage thread and in a certain way it is...but sadly, we are going to see this meme hitting harder and harder and more and more frequently. Believe it or not, older women may slowly be becoming more and more of a "commodity." I've definitely seen this in suburban...
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    Girl Proximity Approaches, It Goes Nowhere!

    This situ surprised me as PUA THEORY says this one's in the bag! I was out this weekend and came across some wacky event called "expressive dancing" or something to that effect. Most of the women were older but not bad looking. I checked out the scene for a few before going on my way. A super...
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    Honest thoughts on Nashville.

    It seems like every large city in the US is turning into an unlivable sh-thole.
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    Dating in your 40's...the women are bat s crazy

    1. They come from more conservative cultures. It's not quite as common for them to show direct interest in a man. Therefore, their idea of "flirting" in such cases is teasing, which can lead to hurling insults, throwing tantrums and just generally being out of control. 2. Asian women in...
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    Observations on Miami's scene.

    just wanted to post a few of the comments from one of the vids: "This is in Africa??? I thought that Ocean Drive was in the US... I was surprised to see that 99% of the people are colored and that place was not in the US. Very nice place, invites you to walk and explore it...." "Miami has...
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    Observations on Miami's scene.

    Man, these "data sheets" on various cities are stellar! Keep up the quality work! When you guys say white women in FL are top tier, are you including Miami? I tend to think of Miami as a cuban/puerto rican/hispanic city with a white minority. I have very, very little first hand experience with...
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    Dating in your 40's...the women are bat s crazy

    I don't date women in this age range, but I have attended parties and mixers with women in this age range. Older asian and eastern european women are the worst behaved in this age category. Single asian women in the older age bracket, 35+, get into a very odd passive-aggressive state where they...