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  1. jimwho

    Moderator foul.

    Just read about Ray Leotta death. Catsmeow thread. The Mod made sure to add his/her personal viewpoints before closing down the thread. Closing it because he no longer wants to hear viewpoints. That aren't in line with his. Wtf?
  2. jimwho

    Slow heal advice.

    My right arm got Twanged, laying on my side jacking up my van with a slightly too small hydraulic jack. New rotors. I can't twist off a pickle jar lid. If you tap on the bone on the inside of the elbow, that's the spot. I have stopped working out with weights, just low key Mtn biking. All I know...
  3. jimwho

    Sneaky women, covert pro's

    Not sure how this will look. Anyway, went into my new supply house to set up visa payments for my customers. Counter guy sends me into a back office. I walk in say holloooo, I hear a female voice say back here. I walk back between the cubicles and at the end tucked in the corner was this...