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  1. Grounded eagle

    This is why it’s important to spin plates:Part 2

    The old thread I had going on this was locked.https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/this-is-why-it%E2%80%99s-important-to-spin-plates.273690/ I suggest reading it for context. Long story short,she came back around.She started by blocking me and unfollowing me on all social media,but she was...
  2. Grounded eagle

    This is why it’s important to spin plates.

    A couple of hours ago,my official(but definitely not favourite)girl and I ended things.To be honest,she had been getting on my nerves for a long time,so much so that the conversation in which we ended things was the first time I spoke to her in a week. It’s funny,I actually felt relieved. I...
  3. Grounded eagle

    Can exes make good plates?

    Some time ago I got in touch with an ex of mine.At that point it’d been a couple of years since we’d gone our separate ways, and,just to see if I could,I suggested that we meet up and catch up. The break up was not bitter or messy,so she agreed.3 days ago we met up and it went as well as it...
  4. Grounded eagle

    Counterproductive tropes/beliefs/ideologies

    What do you guys think the most counterproductive tropes are in the manosphere today?
  5. Grounded eagle


    This is an area I want to become extremely proficient at.Anyone got tips?
  6. Grounded eagle

    What exactly is the right way to use dread?

    Does it have no use other than establishing or maintaining frame in a relationship?