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    Has anyone here lived in Vegas?

    There have been several things that have popped up in my life and it's looking like I may seriously be considering a change. I was considering the Phoenix metro area but it's just so crowded there and with all of the traffic and bustling around it reminds me of where I grew up, which is the...
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    Money/saving addiction and feeling I'm losing my fire, need input. (successful people)

    I've had an enormous amount of financial success over the past couple years, especially since 2021. My investments have taken off and I'm rapidly seeing ever increasing results from all of my time, energy and resources that I've put into this. I've been comfortable for quite a long time but...
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    I need some help with a place I'm at right now

    I've been totally out of the game for well over 2 years now, as from around 2016/17 through 2019 I was experiencing nothing but rejection, flakiness, etc. and eventually gave up for the sake of my mental health. I've posted about this on here before and I was having a ton of issues with anger...
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    Out of the game for over 2 years and don't feel like going back

    It's been well over 2 years since I've approached a woman, let alone actually went on a date with one. The last date I had was sometime around June of 2019. I was having nothing but bad experiences that were ruining my self esteem/confidence and my mental health was beginning to suffer. I had...
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    Women dating down, how are you supposed to feel?

    Over the past few years I've had something interesting that I picked up on with women I had asked out, dated, etc., that ended up rejecting me. At the time I'd feel really annoyed with these rejections, which is normal, but what would make it worse was that I'd always see these women date men...
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    Need some advice about responsible enjoyment of vices

    Earlier this evening I went to play poker at a casino in my area, $1-$2 no limit Texas Hold 'em. I originally went with $200 but when I sat down and cashed in I decided to stick with just $100 to play with. I had the intention of just using this as a form of entertainment and wasn't sitting...
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    The problem I have with self improvement (rant)

    It's pretty well understood that most men should seek to better themselves in a variety of ways (career, finances, fitness, etc.). However, most men ultimately still are within an averageish range for most of these traits and really don't stand out all that much. However, for some men they are...
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    What I've learned from being out of the game for over 2 years (rant)

    It's been over 2 years since I've had a real date or even asked a woman out. From 2017 through the first half of 2019 I was having nothing but bad experiences that were ruining my self esteem and it was getting to the point where it was having an affect on my mental health and overall well...
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    Being around unattractive men increase chance of rejection?

    I was thinking about this and wasn't entirely sure, though I feel there is some truth to this depending upon context. A few examples and specific set of circumstances If you were out with a friend, who is perhaps unattractive or very awkward, does that ruin your chances with women? Say you go...
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    I've underestimated how picky women are (rant)

    I've long been aware that women in general today are picky in regards to the men they go for but it was far worse than I thought originally. I totally get why an attractive woman wouldn't go for a man who is obese, has poor hygiene, etc. However, I've also seen women have these ridiculous...
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    Why do people behave this way towards me and how to address it?

    An issue I've had my entire life is that other people seem to go out of their way to try to demean my accomplishments, qualities, etc. When I was younger this was primarily family oriented, but now as an adult I notice that other people behave in a similar manner towards me, albeit in more of a...
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    What's a good opener for talking to women while they are shopping?

    Earlier tonight I was doing some errands and had to pick up a few basic essentials. Anyway, I was walking down one of the aisles and I noticed this woman, early 20s or so, who had incredible hips and ass. I positioned myself so that she had to walk by me and while she was walking in my direction...
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    How do I improve on interactions like this, shot myself in the foot.

    I had the entire day to myself and was doing some errands and stopped at a wal mart that I normally frequent to pick up a few things. The last thing I needed to pick up was some new razors, which they have locked away, and by chance the employee there that asked if I needed help was this cute...
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    I've made a decision to put myself out there and I don't know how to start

    Last year was phenomenal for me on a financial level and I have a ton of other things I've been actively working on. However, I also more or less have cut out a ton of fake friends from my life and I have very few people that I really talk to. There are a few whose company I can enjoy but the...
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    How do you play day game/public approaches?

    A week ago I know I had posted a thread about seeking out an escort in order to break past some mental barriers and get my confidence back. I ended up deciding to cancel and felt that I needed to do some evaluation of how I've been approaching this. One thing that I realized was that in the past...
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    Is there anything wrong with seeing escorts?(long, personal story)

    Shortly before COVID hit last March I had decided to hire an escort to have time with. Now, to clarify this would be considered a higher tier one, meaning more money, that also goes to socials, parties, etc. and wasn't just some cracked out meth head that basically stays at a hotel having one...
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    rebuilding social/dating life pre covid lockdown

    When covid hit and the shut downs in my area were initiated I developed a pattern last year that changed my life drastically. One, I made the decision to work a ton last year and with this extra money I was able to invest to a ridiculous degree. I now have an investment portfolio that is well...
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    How common are women like this and how should they be dealt with?

    A couple days ago I was at the gym, had a really good lower body workout and was going through my stretching/yoga routine I do before heading out. I'm in the aerobics room, from which I can see out to the rest of the gym, and I noticed that this girl, who I had met at another gym about 2.5 years...
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    "Game" of your parents and grandparents would not work today

    I was thinking about a story I heard about how my paternal grandparents met. During WW2 my grandfather went to a USO dance that was at a city he was stationed in and he met my grandmother there. I guess the story goes that he walked her home and memorized her phone number and address so that he...
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    Your body/physique matters and what you can/should do about it

    I see some nonsense like how "dad bods" are in, fat acceptance, etc. and it just makes me cringe. For a woman to have a BMI in the obese range and up is not a death sentence in regards to her getting men, as there will still be plenty of them that would bend over backwards just to get a chance...