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    I train people online

    Whatsup fellas, I will be leaving the country for at least a year and I am building my training business online. Im not into the whole social media selling bull**** $20 online cookie cutter programs, I prefer to work with people year round that I can form a client/trainer relationship with so I...
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    Man if you guys really want hot women leave the USA

    Food for thought.... I’ve got friends in costa Rica and Brazil making 1/8th of the money my American friends make that have better sex lives than my friends in the states. They have girlfriends most of my friends would dream of. Come to think of it, Over half my friends literally don’t get laid...
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    My guide to helping young guys pull chicks -I wish someone told me this

    I’m still young 29 but in a year ltr. My gf had a big juicy ass and let’s me do whatever I want so I got lucky there, I’m not a huge believer in relationships but if a girl hot, the sex is great, and she supports your ambitions and dreams go for it. She has to tick all the boxes not just one...
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    Need career advice

    I have a job that involves a massive amount of cold calling. I hate it with a passion but do not want to quit without giving it my all. One of the reasons I don’t like it is because I hate the social isolation that comes with it. Working at home all day I am not around any people. I am currently...
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    I gave her an ultimatum, was I in the wrong?

    The girl I’m dating is hot but is trying to get a social media going to try and make money off it and asked me how I felt about it. I played it off and said “yeah as long as you spend the money you make off it on me” jokingly but I actually thought about it. I’m a high value man, I gave up a lot...
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    Gave up summer full of fine chicks but I’m happy

    Currently got in a relationship. Girl is hot and treats me great. Im happy. Sex is great life is good. I was dating multiple women at the time when she asked me to be official, she gave me an ultimatum and I decided to give her a shot. So far so good. I don’t believe in cheating so I’ve been...
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    Keep her or kick her ass to the curb?

    Need some honest advice here fellas. Have a plate I’m seeing, she pushed for commitment. She drives two hours to see me. She’s caught me out with beautiful women before we were official, and still Kept seeing me. I believe a girl has to prove herself 6 months before I commit but everyone likes...
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    Should I go to a bigger city for higher quality women?

    I've gamed everywhere and in my opinion Los Angeles is the toughest dating market to pull in. I am extremely thankful that I grew up there because it taught me the importance of aggressive game. I will say this again If you can pull a bad chick in los angeles you can pull a bad chick anywhere...
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    Still slightly bothered by this and I want to forget

    To make a long story short, about 2-3 months ago I lost a woman I cared about deeply due to having some problems in the sack after starting a steroid cycle incorrectly when I was in the relationship with her. Things were good at first, but I had 2-3 times where I went soft out of nowhere and...
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    I want a crush I feel like I settle too quickly

    My ex left me high and dry. I treated her like a queen and gave her everything even though I was a bit of a psychopath towards the end. Usually chicks leave guys because they feel like they are better than the guy but this was not the case. I Literally replaced her in one week with a hotter...
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    Figure I would make this to help some guys out

    Been in this game for a while and have come along ways. 1. APPEARANCE First and foremost you must maximize your looks at all cost. Eating nothing but organic foods, tan regularly, ideal musculary should be 190-220 if your between 5'9 and 6'2. Dress sharp and wear nice clothes. Teeth whitening...
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    My confidence burned a 10/10 plate

    After being on one of the best hot streaks I’ve yet to experience I seemed to get a little ****y and it backfired. While I don’t consider myself good at all with relationships I consider my closing ability to be too of the game thanks to my good looks and psychopathic tendencies. It’s Friday...
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    What color for the amg gt?

    Was planning on buying a house but after that relationship fell through I am currently living the bachelor life and loving it. Probably moving down to Miami to maximize location and going to rent a simple apartment for a year while I spin plates. I am experienced with gold diggers and know how...
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    Little update

    Well fellas I figure I would give an update the good and bad...., this girl leaving my ass has taken my Game to new heights. I literally do not give a **** anymore, can walk up to a group of 9’s and not give one ****. I wasted no time within one week of ending things I was already with a hotter...
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    The sex always goes to ****

    in my experience, sex is very much what have you done for me lately with these women. You can get the nastiest borderline narcissistic slut to be writing you love letters about how she wants a future with you and fully commited to you as long as your hitting it right. She will remain attached...
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    Any vets have experience through this

    Not your regular thread. “Spin more plates” will not suffice. If you haven’t slept with at least 30-40 women you probably will come of no use for this thread. I’ve lived a fast life...my last fling prior to this chick was a high end stripper. I left Cali to move to a small town and fell for a...
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    Not commiting is the only way to to maintain frame

    Been here for 7-8 years learned a ****load. I’ve banged everything from strippers to accountants and I’m simply sharing my opinion based on a large amount of lays...nobody has to agree with me. Imo most Women are for the most part the same. while looks money and status are important social...
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    Not a typical situation of losing frame...help? How do I come back from tjis

    You meet a girl who’s 21. She asked me to be official. She chased me and pursued me the entire relationship. I decided to hop on a steroid cycle about a month into dating. Crashed my sex drive, had 3 **** performances in the bedroom over a one week period. I freaked out. Felt like she lost...
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    Now what? Bring the player back?

    I hung up the player cleats. Reasons? A combination of baby fever, becoming more religious, and wanting the house with the white picket fence. I met a 21 year old and we fell in love. Of course I got her to say she loves me first you ****s I’m no rookie :) The girl prior to her was a stripper...
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    Not sure what to do

    Currently dating a hot 21 year old, she is amazing in every way but the sack. She has a lot of anxiety and was raped in the past. We have had good sex in the past (mostly when she is drunk and she doesn’t remember any of it) but she never gives me head or makes the first move. She usually...