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    gf started/is starting to smoke socially

    First time was a few months ago. She mentioned she tried a cigarette for the first time (she's 23) when a friend of hers asked her if she wanted to try outside a club. Then last night whilst she was out she texted me saying she smoked an entire one by herself. The same friends are responsible...
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    Do any of you have female friends like this?

    There is mutual attraction, but when she's single you're taken, and when you're single she's taken. Meaning you never get to tap that ass smh.
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    What factors do you think affect a cold approach?

    I'm trying to quantify all the factors that affect the success of a cold approach. Things like your mood (if you feel happy or sad), how you dressed that day, the weather, of course how the woman feels about you, etc. Any ideas?
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    I'm in the best relationship of my life right now

    To combat some of the negativity of this forum I just want to say that the girl I started dating back in September and I have slowly gotten into an amazing relationship. She's 23, I'm 29, and things are amazing. We met in person during a camping trip, there was no real interest from neither of...
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    When did you last get a BJ?

    Curious how the forum is doing in terms of BJs.
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    Is lack of game just a low IQ problem?

    Seems like smart dudes can figure out some verbal/brainy game.
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    So like, is it time to buy Rubles to make some cash?

    Rubles are now backed by gold and the Rubles to USD ratio is quickly rising to pre-war levels. Anyone wanna gamble a little?
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    Will Smith and why women don't trust nice guys

    Nice guys can lash out randomly because no one is that nice all the time. Will Smith puts out this super nice guy all the time vibe. But we all know that's not true. Women are especially good at sensing this. What do you think? What Rock did didn't warrant the slap. However his wife's cheating...
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    Feminism isn't the problem

    Ugly undesirable women are. Few will understand. Will explain.
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    Deadlifted 315lbs for the first time

    Wanted to take it slow back in the gym after the corona situation. My official working set was supposed to be 225lbs 3x5 and last set AMRAP(as many reps as possible). Ended up doing 12 reps on the last set, should have been 4 or 5, so I was definitely loading the bar with too little weight...
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    "What do you do?"

    – I'm actually looking for an opening to fill right now Feel free to use it bois
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    Painkillers missing from my pill cabinet

    Two summers ago I fractured a bone and was prescribed some pretty strong painkillers (tramadol, an opioid). I never took any though because I can handle some pain. Today I as going through them and 6 of them were missing. Some chick I had over must have taken them. And this is why I hate...
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    Dressed up like a bum today

    And people STILL asked me for money on the subway, wtf is up with that
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    Tinder Swindler

    Has anyone watched it?
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    Asked me to be her valentine

    So this girl i've been seeing since September asked me to be her valentine. Is this an IOI?
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    too much abundance right now

    Just officially got into a relationship with the bf/gf labels thing. But there are so many chicks hitting me up all the ****in time, and any time I go out I get at least 2 or 3 that wanna jump on me, and they're not bad, hb7+ How do I focus on this one chick? She's amazing in many ways...
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    A considerable portion of your rejections can be due to women being awkward/socially inept

    You don't always get rejected because of you. Many women aren't capable of of responding to stuff in a normal way. Women 19-25 can be EXTREMELY shy these days, especially around attractive strangers. The shyness goes away with alcohol generally, but you shouldn't underestimate how shy women can...
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    It's OVER for "It's OVERCels"

    Push through bros. It's never over for push through bros.
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    Don't date a dumbass

    Dumb women are trouble because they're dumb, not because they're women. Seems like some users in the forum struggle with issues of low IQ in who they're dating and attribute them to issues of women in general. tl;dr; don't date a dumbass
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    How to get great pictures for OLD for free:

    Find a "TFP" photographer group on facebook in your area. These are aspiring photographers that will shoot for free in exchange for using your photos in their portfolio. You also get the photos. Some of these photographers are bad, but the majority isn't. You're welcome.